The Demons of Supernatural

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Azazel is the demon that ruined the Winchesters life, when he gave 6 month old Sam his blood to drink and then killed Mary. He set the boys on what seemed like an unending mission to find and kill him.

Episodes:- Pilot, Salvation, Devils trap, In My Time of Dying, All hell breaks loose part 1 and All Hell Breaks Loose part 2

Lilith lilith
Lilith is the demon who is trying to re-organise Azazel's Army. She wants Sam dead because he is the only competition she has in ruling Hell.

Episodes:- Jus in bello, No rest for the wicked.

Ruby ruby
Ruby at one time was human. But she sold her soul and went to hell where she became a demon. She is trying to get Sam to use his demon powers to defeat Lilith so that the final seal would be broken and Lucifer would finally roam the earth.

Episodes:- The Magnificent Seven, Malleus Maleficarum, Sin City, The Kids Are Alright, Jus in Bello, No rest for the wicked

Meg meg masters
Azazel's Daughter. She can summon and control Daeva which are really powerful demons.

Episodes:- Scarecrow, Shadow, Salvation, Devils trap

Tammi Tammi
Tammi is a Demon who teaches people witchcraft. Unfortunately for the people she comes into possession of their soul. Ruby was one of Tammi's Converts.

Episode:- Malleus Mallificarum

RakasaA demon that sleeps in filth and can turn invisible and change shape. It eats people.
needs to be killed with a bronze stake through the heart.

Episodes:- Everybody loves a clown

Tom is Azazel's son and Meg's brother.

Episode: Salvation, Devils trap

Duanne Tanner
Duanne is also one of Azazel's children. It is possible that Tom and Duanne are the same demon in different humans.

Episode:- Croatoan

Episode: Shadow
The Demons of Supernatural - Supernatural Wiki
Episode: Sin City
Father Gil
Episode: Sin City

Crowley Crowley is a high-ranking demon who is crowleyknown as Lilith's right hand man and becomes the King of Hell after the fall of Lucifer.

Episodes: Abandon All Hope..., The Devil You Know, Family Matters, The Man Who Would Be King, Meet the New Boss

The Demons of Supernatural - Supernatural Wiki
Alastair is probably one of the most powerful archdemon who was sent to capture Anna Milton because no other demons could stop the Winchesters.

Crossroads Demon
crossroads1 crossroads2 allhell bedtime
This demon is summoned at the crossroads and will grant you a deal in exchange for your soul which it will collect in ten years.
Episodes:- Crossroad blues, All hell breaks loose part 2, Bed time stories

Hell Hounds

These invisible dogs are used by demons to carry out certain jobs. They are used to collect the souls of those who have made a deal with a demon.

Episodes: Crossroad Blues, Time Is on My Side, No Rest for the Wicked

The Seven Deadly Sins

The Demons of Supernatural - Supernatural Wiki
These demons represent the seven deadly sins. They are able to make people act on their sin.

Episode:- The Magnificent Seven

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