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InSurprise, it's 2014! this episode, we catch a glimpse of the future… and it's bad. But first, we are in present time and Dean receives a few late night phone calls. First is Cas, who has news that the Colt may still exist. This is good news, but Dean tells Cas that he needs some rest first. So, he makes Cas stand across the street and wait for him. Poor Cas! Next, Sam calls and reveals to Dean that he's supposed to be Lucifer's vessel. D'oh!

Sam seems way more concerned about the Lucifer thing than stoic Dean, who is still adamant about the two of them staying apart. Dean says that the demons can play the two off each other more when they are together. After hanging up on his bro, Dean finally curls up for some sleep… then wakes up in 2014!

The year 2014 is a post-apocalyptic wasteland, covered in zombies that were affected by the Croatoan virus, which you may remember from a few seasons ago. Also, Sarah Palin is president. After being chased by some Croatoan zombies, Dean is saved by the U.S. military. He then tries to hot wire a car so he can go see Bobby. Suddenly, Run, Dean, Run! Zachariah appears in the car with him.

Zachariah sent Dean to the future to convince Dean to become Michael's vessel. Of course, Dean's still not sold on the idea. He does finally get to where Bobby is supposed to be but only finds an empty wheelchair. This doesn't look good, but he also finds clues to a secret hideout, so Dean decides to head there. When he tracks down his beloved Impala, it's in terrible condition, which seems to horrify Dean more than finding out his brother might be Lucifer one day.

Things go from bad to worse when Dean of the future shows up and knocks our Dean out cold! When our Dean wakes up, he tries to explain that Zachariah sent him. Dean of the future isn't convinced of this story, so our Dean reveals that he was once asked to wear pink panties by a girl when he was 19… and he kind of enjoyed it. This convinces Dean of the future, as he obviously never told anyone else that story. Still, he leaves our Dean a prisoner for now.

Ladies Love Future Cas!When Dean of the future leaves to go on a mission, our Dean escapes his room and takes a look around this basecamp that future Dean has been operating out of. He sees some familiar faces, such as Chuck, who hasn't changed much at all. Cas of the future, however, is very different. He's a total hedonist and constantly wasted, but he can still sense that our Dean is from the past.

When Dean of the future returns to the camp, he executes one of him men who may be infected with the Croatoan virus. This proves to us that Dean of the future is a badass who is all about the mission. His next mission, incidentally, is to kill Lucifer with the Colt, which has just been found. The only problem is… Sam is now Lucifer.

Our Dean isn't quite convinced by all this, but he decides to go on the mission with everyone. Once they get to Lucifer's location, Dean of the future is willing to sacrifice his men (including Cas) in order to get to Lucifer. Our Dean protests, but is knocked out again by Dean of the future.

When our Dean wakes up, lightning is cracking all around him and he wanders through the post-apocalyptic city just in time to see Dean of the future get his neck snapped by Lucifer. Lucifer is actually Sam dressed in a snazzy white suit. Sam explains Lucifer's history and his fall from Heaven. It's a sad and heartfelt story, but Dean is not impressed. He knows the Devil is a liar and a demon who needs to die.

It's then revealed that this is what will happen if Dean does not allow Michael to inhabit his body. If he doesn't say, "yes" to Michael, then he is destined to be killed by Lucifer/Sam. Then, Zachariah zaps Dean back to the present. He hopes that this vision has convinced Dean to allow Michael in, but Dean still refuses.

Dean thinks the real key to success will be to prevent Sam from saying, "yes" to Lucifer. So, he decides that that Winchesters should ride together again. Yay! Zachariah does not like this idea and is about to do some more bad stuff to Dean's head. Luckily, Cas steps in and gets Dean out of there.

This crazy episode ends with Dean and Sam reuniting. They are going to make things right and try to prevent all the horrible stuff we saw in 2014.

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thanks for the recap, i loved this episode, and i'm happy dean calls sammy at the end because i miss their team and it's going to be hard to Dean to trust Sam again but i'm sure they can do it!!

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