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There's a party out in the woods in Wisconsin.A bonfire.Several couples are making out, but one single guy is sick of watching the others have fun when he doesn't have a girlfriend of his own.He says he's going to leave.His friend thinks he should stick around and enjoy the show.He declines and starts to walk, alone, though the dark woods.

There's heavy breathing out in the trees.He hears something, but sees nothing. He sees a backpack on the ground, full of money. When he grabs it, he's caught in a trap and pulled off the ground, pinned against a tree trunk.

Back at the campfire, his friend thinks he hears yelling and goes to check it out.The guy thinks his friend is playing a trick on him.

Something that looks like a man with the head of a goat approaches the kid trapped against the tree and hits him with an axe in the neck.Darren (the friend) witnesses the event, then turns away.

Back in the bunker, Dean is trying to call Cas.He gets Cas' voicemail.

Sam wants to find Cas.Dean says he's been trying.Dean pulls a gun from under the bunker table to clean it (total Dean stress-reliever).Sam points out that Cas will always be fine.Dean doesn't seem convinced.

Sam's been spending all night going through books on demons....looking for stuff on Daigon. He hasn't found anything.

Sam gets an e-mail from BMOL Mick; a case.The case of the guy disappearing in Wisconsin. Apparently people go missing every year; it's a bit of a cycle.

Dean's on board.

Of course it's not Mick sending the's Ketch.

In WI, Sam and Dean are in their Fed suits interrogating the Sheriff who is working on some kind of hobby taxidermy project and seems to only be half-listening to them.He says the kids were at a make-out spot, but one of them (Jared) never made it home.The Sheriff thinks he just ran off.He's had a rough life.Sam wonders why the Sheriff didn't step in if he knew there was child abuse going on.The Sheriff says he tried, but it's hard to take a child from their parents. Jared's father had a stroke and Jared ended up taking care of him; his abuser.The Sheriff figures the kid finally had enough and ran away.

Sam and Dean want to know what Jared's friend said.The Sheriff didn't think he had any good info.Sam and Dean want to seek him out and hear it for themselves.

They find Darren, Jared's friend, smoking a joint.Dean makes it clear that they aren't going to bust him for pot.Darren is sitting outside of his job at some kind of processing plant.Darren has no love for the Sheriff. He thinks the Sheriff isn't doing his job.He knows Jared didn't skip town.Darren thinks the Sheriff has it out for him because of his pot use.Dean wants to know what Darren saw the night Jared disappeared.

Darren says he ran towards the screaming, but he saw a monster cut Jared's throat.Black Bill, he says.

Later, in a diner...Dean's checking out the waitress and Sam's trying to do research.He finds out that, in that area, Black Bill is a monster that lives in the woods; like the local version of the Jersey Devil.He has the head of a goat.Dean's sure Darren's not lying; he's too scared. Sam isn't sure what the real monster is.Dean tells Sam to go figure it all out; he's going after the waitress.

Dean figures he'll use the Colt on whatever it is; problem solved. "It can dust anything."

Dean goes up to the waitress and Sam says under his breath, "don't do the hot coffee thing" only for Dean to say to the waitress, "This coffee is HOT; just like you." (Sam knows him so well.) the packing plant, Darren is rolling a cart into a walk-in freezer.He closes the door and his supervisor Pete startles him, confronting him about being late for work.Pete claims to be sympathetic, even though he had shifted Jared to part time work, which upset him.Pete said Darren has to do better.

At the end of the day, Darren heads out into the snow to his truck.He gets in and there's a figure with the head of a goat in his side mirror.The figure pulls him out of the car and hits him on the head.

The next day, Sam is at the diner and Dean walks in WITH the waitress.Dean says he had an awesome night.He takes Sam's food; an egg white omelette and veggies.He thinks it's horrible.Sam says he was busy; in a different way, but he thinks they might be dealing with a satyr from mythology.They are lustful and would eat their victims after the orgies.Sam says they should talk to Darren, but Darren's mom said he never came home from work the night before.

Sam and Dean go to the plant looking for Darren.Pete, the supervisor, says he never showed up; last he saw him was the night before.Pete explains that today they are being inspected by the health inspector and he's afraid they'll shut them down over old equipment.He says Sheriff Bishop is the owner and doesn't want to upgrade even though his family has owned this meat packing plant forever.

Sam and Dean find the Sheriff in the plant.They ask the Sheriff what he thinks of the Black Bill legend. He says he doesn't believe it; it's just a story that parents tell their kids to keep them in line.He's not worried that Darren's gone.He thinks he's just another transient worker.He thinks Darren is somewhere sleeping it off.

Elsewhere...Darren wakes up.He's locked inside a walk-in freezer inside the plant somewhere.Only yards away from Sam and Dean as they leave.

Inside the cooler, Darren starts to check out his surroundings.He sees a rack of meat and the body of his friend Jared.Definitely dead and frozen.Something is walking around in there with him...the monster with the goat head comes up behind him.

Elsewhere; back in the diner, Dean's eating a burger.Sam doesn't know how Dean can even eat after walking through the meat packing plant.Dean's found out that all the past victims have worked at the meat packing plant.Dean's thinking Black Bill is connected to the Sheriff's family who runs the plant.

Sam's found out that it's basically a company town; everyone in town has worked at the plant.Recently, the Sheriff has been selling off the family property...all but the plant and the estate.Sam gets a message from Mick, checking in.He replies that all is good.

When Ketch, pretending to be Mick, gets that message, he and the BMOL get into the bunker...he says they need to find out everything about the Winchesters.Including how Sam gets his hair so shiny.

Some very lame James Bond-esque music plays as they open up cases and prepare to install surveillance equipment in Sam and Dean's home.

Ketch also wants the Colt back.

Back in WI, Sam and Dean pull up to the Sheriff's family mansion.It appears to be abandoned; everything inside is covered with dropcloths.Sam finds a door with about four padlocks on it; of course it leads to the basement.Dean shouts down, "Hello?Goat dude?"

They try to turn on the light, but the bulb blows.

They explore the dark basement and it looks like some kind of a torture chamber.

Someone drives up outside the house.It's the Sheriff.He finds a key hidden in a book, goes to open the basement, and realizes the door is already open.He heads down the stairs, gun drawn, but Dean's waiting at the bottom and puts his gun to the Sheriff's head.

Dean takes away the Sheriff's gun and tells him to talk.The Sheriff says it's not what it looks like, though Dean thinks it looks like a murder room.

The Sheriff tells him that he has a family secret.It IS about Black Bill, but Black Bill isn't real.Black Bill is their family, in a way.Their father told him they had a monster living under the house that made their family rich; but he had to be fed with human blood.Whoever in the family did the sacrificing wore a goat mask.

He said the monster is Moloch...a God.Bound and living in the basement.The God used his power to make the family rich.The Sheriff wants to undo the bad his family had done.The Sheriff just kept him locked up and hoped he'd starve to death.He's still in the a chamber below the basement where they are all talking right now.

Sam shines his light down there and tells Dean and the Sheriff that the chamber is empty.The Sheriff seems surprised and worried.They hear a noise somewhere above them in the house.

Dean tells Sam to watch the Sheriff and he'll go check it out.Sam doesn't want Dean going up against a God, but he does as he's told.

Dean makes his way up to the second floor of the looks like something is watching him through eye holes in the wall.But it's just the mask of the goat costume used by the family members during the sacrifice.Suddenly, Dean is attacked by the plant manager Peter.

Next, the basement door is bolted from the outside, locking Sam and the Sheriff inside.

The Sheriff grabs a cleaver from the basement table and gives it to Sam.It must work, because next thing we see, Sam and the Sheriff are outside and Sam's trying to track Dean's cell phone.They get in the car to go after the signal.

Back in the bunker, the BMOL are going through everything.They plant bugging devices.They go through Sam and Dean's bedrooms, desk drawers, everything.They take tons of photographs.Ketch even finds Dean's porn.He checks out their family pictures.

In Wisconsin, Dean has a bloody cut behind his ear as he wakes up in the packing plant with Pete (Pete must have dragged him there).Pete says he hadn't expected to run into Sam and Dean again; he went to the house looking for his brother. The Sheriff is his half-brother; same dad, different moms.Dean's bound to a chair with plastic wrap.

Pete starts talking.Dean tries to free himself.Pete is angry that he was raised in poverty and his brother was raised in the mansion.Pete has Moloch. Pete originally went to the house trying to find things to sell, but be found the God instead who told him he'd make him rich and solve his problems if he'd feed him.

Pete says that killing people is their family business.Pete has no sympathy for the deaths of Jared and Darren.Pete had planned to feed his half brother the Sheriff to Moloch, but Dean will have to do instead. He pushes Dean, bound to the chair, into the walk-in freezer and locks the door.

Back at the bunker, the BMOL can't find the Colt anywhere.They place one last bug under the main table and leave.

In WI, Dean looks around.He can scoot across the floor of the walk-in on the wheels of the chair.He sees a body and something dragging it through a plastic divider.He frees himself from the plastic wrap and bangs on the door.

Sam and the Sheriff have made it into the plant.They're looking for Dean, guns drawn.

Inside the freezer, Dean encounters some more frozen bodies.He arms himself with a meat hook.He sees the God with the head of a goat coming for him.

Sam hears the growling in the freezer and approaches the door.

Dean is actively trying to go after the God.It looks like he's trying to get to Moloch before Moloch can get the jump on him.

Outside, Sam is attacked by Pete in the goat mask until the Sheriff gets him down on the floor and pulls off the mask.The Sheriff tells his half brother that he has to stop.Pete tells him not to act like he cares.

The brothers argue.

Pete wrestles free and stands up; says he's going to save the town and be the hero and is about to shoot his brother the Sheriff when Pete is shot and killed from behind.

Inside the cooler, Dean finally sinks the meat hook into the God.

Outside, Sam gets up from the floor where he shot Pete and heads to the freezer.

Inside, the God back-hands Dean and he goes down.

Sam shoots open the lock on the freezer from the outside, steps through the door, and fires at the God. He's using the Colt...the God does down in a pile of cloth with a few zapping lightening bolts.

Dean looks legitimately scared and relived.He collapses on the floor.

A little later, Sam and Dean are still in the plant with the Sheriff.Dean's holding a steak to his eye where he was hit on the head.

Sam asks how he's feeling.

Dean says he feels horrible, but that's pretty much normal.

The Sheriff says they should go.Sam offers to help him dispose of his brother's body, but the Sheriff says no, this is on him.It's his legacy.

Back in the bunker...
Dean tells Sam the Winchester family really can't be that messed least they're not psycho goat people..

Dean's thinking about what kind of legacy he and Sam will leave after they're gone.Will they be remembered?Sam doesn't think so.They're not the type of people that are written about in history books.Only the people they saved will remember them.Until that fades away too.Dean seems to want to be remembered and isn't comforted by Sam's practicality.Sam thinks it's fine as long as they leave the world better than they found it.Dean wonders what will happen to the bunker when they're gone.Will another hunter move in?Sam hopes so.Dean hopes so too.

Dean thinks for a minute, then pulls out a switchblade.There's a flashback to Sam and Dean carving their initials in the Impala as children.

They carve their initials into the table in the bunker.Time flashes back and forth between them in the car carving their initials as children and them in the bunker in the present.Sam slides the blade back to Dean.

They seem to snap out of it a bit and say they have to call Mick to debrief him.Ketch answers this time.He says Mick flew back to London to answer for the whole problem with Daigon.He says, for now, Sam and Dean answer to him.Sam looks half crushed and half disgusted. Dean says, "Seriously?".Ketch claims he doesn't like it either; he'd rather be with their
mother (to which Dean silently spreads his arms in a "are you kidding me?!" gesture) out hunting.

Ketch barely lets Dean tell them anything about the God they just killed, but says he'll be in touch and hangs up.

Dean makes a few disparaging comments about Ketch to Sam after he hangs up...of course Ketch is listening to everything via the bugs in the bunker as he looks at the photo of Dean and Mary which he stole from Dean's room.

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