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A nerdy college student leaving "Styne Hall" is getting hassled by some tough guys on campus. They're bullying him and won't let him walk away. The nerdy student tells the guy off and the bully's friends start laughing at him. The bully knocks the nerd down. Just then, an olderman comes up and asks "Zach" if there's a problem here. Zach the nerd says no. The older guys gives the bully the death stare.--

Later, the bully is walking down the street alone. He realizes he's being followed and tries to run away, running right into the older man who stood up for Zach earlier. The bully says he has no beef with this guy. The man responds "you put (your) hands on my cousin" and suddenly the bully is attacked from behind by another man who puts a plastic bag over his face. The bully struggles to get it off, but he's being suffocated.--

Elsewhere, Sam and Dean are chopping wood in order to build a funeral pyre for Charlie's body. Dean is thinking back to all of the sweet moments he had with her. He's hurt, he's angry, and he's not talking to Sam.-

Dean carries Charlie's body to the pyre. Sam helps lift her on. They light it and watch her

Sam speaks aloud telling her that they're going to miss her and he's so sorry. Dean cuts him off telling him to shut up. "You (Sam) got her killed, you don't get to apologize."-Sam tries to tell Dean that they (he and Charlie) were trying to help him remove the Mark with the Book of the Dammed.

Dean tells Sam he told him to leave it alone.

Sam says he couldn't just watch Dean die. Dean points out that the Mark won't kill him. Sam replies that when the Mark is done with him, Dean won't be Dean anymore. -Sam tells Dean that Dean is all he has. Of course he's going to fight for him; that's what they do. He (Sam) thought he had a shot with Charlie and the Book of the Dammed. -

Dean gives him a withering look and points out that now Charlie's dead. "Nice shot," Dean says coldly.--

Sam says, "You think I'm ever going to forgive myself for that (Charlie's death?)"-

Dean says, "You wanna know what I think? I think it should be you up there. Not her." --


Dean tells Sam to stop pursuing the Book of the Dammed. Now. Sam asks what about Dean? Dean says that he's going to find whoever killed Charlie and destroy everything they love, then rip out their heart. Sam says he was talking about the Mark; what are they going to do about the Mark? Dean says the Mark doesn't matter before he turns and walks away, leaving Sam alone watching the burning pyre.-

Elsewhere...Zach is playing video game with someone else online. He is disrupted by a family member summoning him. His father wants to see him.-

Next we're in what looks like an operating room. A gray-haired man is speaking to another member of his family. The one who didn't get the Book of the Dammed and also lost an arm in the process. He's standing there holding his bloody stump. -

The gray-haired man tells him "you know what we do to losers". In an effort to redeem himself, the younger man says he learned about a place; a treasure trove of lore and artifacts. It's
the bunker. He wants to redeem himself by taking the bunker.-The older man seems open to the idea, but points out the younger man will need a new arm before going after the bunker.

Zach walks in. The kid that was bullying him is now strapped to an operating table. The older man says that trash like that kid is only good for spare parts, and he wants Zach to help in the operation. Zach doesn't want to. His father says this is his legacy.

Zach picks up a scalpel. His father tries to guide his shaking hand as he cuts an incision straight down the center of the bully's chest.-

Elsewhere, Rowena, chained up, is taunting Cas.

Sam shows up and lets on that Charlie is dead. Cas asks what happened. Sam says that the Stynes caught up with her and Dean is going after them. Cas realizes that Dean knows about he and Sam working on the Book of the Dammed.

Cas asks what now. Sam starts to say he promised Dean he'd stop; they need to shut it down and kill Rowena. Cas would be glad to do it.

Sam says they should be able to track Dean because he lo-jacked the Impala "just in case".-

As they track Dean, Sam gets a new e-mail from Charlie. The one she sent right before she died. It has the key to decoding the Book of the Dammed.

Sam shows it to Rowena. Rowena confirms thatCharlie cracked the code. Now Rowena claims she can read it and they'll be able to cure Dean of the Mark of Cain. Sam is torn, but quickly tells Cas to find Dean and make sure he doesn't go too off the rails because of the Mark. Sam says he's going to save his brother. He's not going to walk away from the Book of the Dammed. Cas reminds Sam he promised Dean he would walk away from it.

Sam says that whenever it's him out there and alone, Dean has done everything he could to save him. It's what Dean does. Sam owes him this much. Sam knows Dean can't ride out the Mark. -

Once Cas leaves to find Dean, Rowena wants to bargain with Sam. She says that she wants Crowley dead; Sam needs to hold up his end of the deal. She wants him dead now, before she casts the spell to remove the Mark. Rowena knows she's got Sam over a barrel. She insists that Sam will kill Crowley and do it her way and do it now.-

Back in the operating room, the bully lies dead and bloody on the table, but the Styne brother has a new arm, covered with the bully's tattoos. Zach's father is congratulating him on a job well done, but Zach is wiping away tears. Zach asks if he can go, but his brother with the new arms says "no", Zach's going to go with him to the bunker.-

Dean is getting pulled over by a cop. He hands over a fake ID and the officer tells him to get out of the car. Dean says he wasn't doing anything wrong; why'd they pull him over? The officer says he has a busted taillight...just as the second officer takes out one of the Impala's taillights with his night stick. Dean is cuffed against the car.-

At a diner, Crowley is eating pie. The server starts talking to him after he compliments the coffee. The server says he roasts the beans himself; learned how to do it in Ecuador. Says he's been all over the world. Crowley's phone rings. It's Dean.-

At the police station, they're going through Dean's fake ID's. Apparently, someone sent these officers to find him.

Dean knocks a cup of pens off the officer's desk, and when the officer goes to pick them up, Dean gets his legs around the guy's neck and starts to strangle him until he gives up the handcuff keys.-

Dean finds the other officer who arrested him; on the phone with someone, telling whoever it is that they found Dean. He asks who the guy is talking to. The guy says "nobody" and Dean proceeds to try to beat the truth out of him. The officer finally tells Dean he was talking to Monroe Styne. Dean asks if he's any relation to Eldon. The officer says Monroe is Eldon's father.-

Crowley shows up at the warehouse where Dean told him to meet him when he called. But the only one there is Sam who shoots him from the shadows. Crowley realizes Sam lured him there. Crowley wonders if Dean knows what Sam is up to. -

Sam tells him that Crowley is the reason why Dean has the Mark of Cain. Sam's blaming Crowley for everything.

Sam has Ruby's knife, but Crowley acts unafraid. Sam puts a hex bag in Crowley's pocket and Crowley realizes thatRowena is involved. He falls to his knees, gasping for air.-

Dean is outside the Styne's home, taking out the security guards one by one. He kills his way in without any remorse. The lights suddenly come on and Dean is surrounded by at least a dozen men with automatic weapons. A plastic bag is put over his head from behind and he gasps for air.

Crowley is spitting up blood. Sam tells him to just die already. Crowley want to know why Sam in league with Rowena. Crowley laments that this is what he gets for trying to be the good guy.

Sam can't believe Crowley thinks he's the good guy.

Crowley claims that he tried to make changes to hell over the past year. He thought that if he did well, maybe he'd "feel something again".

Sam says he's nothing but a monster.

Crowley says yes, he is. He's done horrible, evil things...things Sam can't even imagine. Then he turns his head to look at Sam; his eyes glowingred, and says, "And I've loved every damn minute."-Crowley gets to his feet and pulls out the devil's trap bullet Sam shot into him to keep him still. He thanks Sam for reminding him what he truly is, then he throws Sam through a glass window.

Sam tries to crawl back towards Ruby's knife. -

Crowley says the hex bag was powerful magic and it would work on many, but not him. The bag goes up in flames in his hand.-

Just as Sam is about to reach the knife, Crowley flicks it away with a twist of his wrist. Sam is scared.

Crowley brings his fingers together; reminding Sam that he could kill him with just a snap. But he doesn't. He tells Sam that from here on out, he wants Sam to know that the only reason he is still alive is because Crowley allowed it. He wants Sam to tell "that ginger bi t c h " that he gave her the chance to walk away, and she spit in his face. Now she'll never see him coming.-

At the Styne house, Dean wakes up tied to the operating table. Monroe Styne is over him. He says he's impressed at how Dean charged in. Dean guesses the plan is to operate on him. He tells Monroe that the Mark means he can't die, and if they try to kill him, he'll come back with black eyes, then they'll all die.

One the Styne brothers asks if Dean will just leave if they let him go. He says no, but if they let him go, at least he'll still be human and that means he might let some of them live.

Monroe likes the idea of getting to experiment on a man who can't die. They put a gag in Dean's mouth and Monroe is about to make the first incision when Dean breaks his leather wrist restraints and grabs Monroe's arm. He grabs a scalpel and proceeds to slice his way through the room. He gets Monroe in a choke hold and tells him, with utterly dead eyes, "You took something from me, now I'm going to take everything from you".-Monroe tries to tell him it's too late; for Dean's home, for his family...but he doesn't get to finish. Dean snaps his neck.-

At the bunker...
The door is kicked in and several of the Styne brothers enter, including young Zach. Finding no one home, one of the brothers instructs the others to take whatever's interesting and burn the rest.-

Sam calls Rowena. He tells her the hex bag didn't work and he doesn't know where Crowley is. He asks her how he can kill him now. She doesn't have an answer; just tells Sam to figure it out and get the job done. Rowena hangs up. -

Cas calls Sam. He's found the carnage in the operating room at the Styne estate, but Dean is already gone. He's sure it was Dean who killed everyone. He tells Sam that Dean killed at least 15 people.

Sam says he's on the way but Cas stops him; tells him the GPS says Dean is heading home to the bunker.-

The Stynes have trashed the bunker. Books lay in piles.

Zach is getting distracted reading but another brother tells him to box stuff up and stop wasting time. His brother says he's going to go check on the bunker's "sex dungeon". -

Zach pulls out a photo of Sam and Dean and Bobby.

His other brother shows up. He's gone through Dean's room and starts throwing Dean's possession in a pile on the floor saying Dean has crappy taste in music (as he throws a plastic-covered Motorhead album on the ground), a hot mom (he throws down a photo of young Dean and Sam and Mary), and loves flannel (throws Dean's clothes on the pile).-The older Styne pours gas on the pile.

Zach tries to stop him, telling him he doesn't have to do it. He says he knows, but he's doing it anyway. Just as he strikes the match, the brother who went to check out the dungeon, Roscoe, comes staggering back through the doorway, a knife buried deep in his back.-

Dean, spattered with blood and glaring at them with cold, cold eyes walks through the doorway. He tells the older Styne he's been looking for him. Because of Charlie. The older Styne responds that Charlie got what she deserved. He wants to brag about how he killed her, but Dean tells him to shut up. He tells him without emotion that his father, Monroe, is dead. That they're all dead.

Dean says the older Styne can save him the speech on his new and improved body (his new arm), because even though they can replace body parts, they still only have one brain. Without warning, Dean fires a perfect shot into the middle of the older Styne's forehead.-

Zach flinches and covers his head.

Dean turns his gun on Zach without emotion. He's almost like a robot. Zach puts up his hands and tries to plead for his life. Dean asks why he shouldn't kill Zach. Zach is "one of them". But Zach protests; saying no he's not, he hates his family. Dean walks menacingly towards Zach. He tells him that he can try to deny it, but the "bad" is in him; it's in his blood and it will always win. Zach continues to plead, telling Dean he doesn't need to do this. Dean lifts his gun away as if he might let Zach go. He thinks for a second and then says quietly, "Yeah, I do," and proceeds to shoot Zach in the head from less than a foot away.-

Just then, Cas shows up, asking Dean what has he done. (Sam's still 40 miles away from Lebanon.) Cas realizes Dean has killed all of them. Dean says he only killed some monsters because that's what he does and that's what he'll continue to do...

"...Until you become one," finishes Cas.-

Dean tells Cas "you can leave now". Cas refuses. He says he can't leave because he's Dean's friend.

Dean gets angry, asking Cas if he screws over all of his friends like he did with Dean; going behind his back and working with Sam on the Book of the Dammed.

Cas tells Dean that he and Sam were trying to cure him; that they still are; they can read the book now.

Dean is not impressed. Nothing is guaranteed to work and even if it does, what will that cost? Dean doesn't want their help. Dean turns to leave and Cas puts a hand on his shoulder to stop him. -

Cas tells Dean that he might be able to fight the mark for years, or even centuries, like Cain did, but eventually, Dean will turn, and when he does, even if Sam and everyone else Dean loves are long dead, Cas will still be around and he'll be the one who will watch Dean murder the world. -

Cas tells Dean that if there's even small chance that he and Sam can save him, he is not going to let Dean walk out of the room. Cas tells Dean the Mark is changing him because the Dean Winchester Cas knows would never have murdered that kid (Zach).

Dean responds that the Dean Winchester Cas knew was always kind of a dick.-

Dean tries to leave the room again. Cas stops him telling him he doesn't want to have to hurt him.

Dean looks coldly at Cas and says, "I don't think that's gonna be a problem."

Dean begins to beat Cas viciously. Once he throws Cas to the ground, he turns to leave again, but Cas struggles to his feet, asking Dean to stop. Dean appears more than angry. He turns and walks back up to Cas, beating him to near-unconscious. --

grabs Cas' angel blade from Cas' own sleeve. He grabs Cas by the tie with one hand, preparing to stab him with the angel blade with the other. Cas puts his hand on Dean's wrist, begging him not to. Dean drives the blade downward, inches from Cas' head. The blade buries in the book next to Cas.

On his way out he says, "You and Sam to stay the hell away from me. Next time I won't miss."

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