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In the bunker....

Mary is coming clean to Sam and Dean about her involvement working with the British Men of Letters.

Mary wants Sam and Dean to hear her out.She think the BMOL are onto something; a better way of killing monsters systematically.

Dean can hardly believe what he's hearing.Sam doesn't look too happy either.

Mary claims she knows their shortcomings.Sam wants to know how long she's been working with them.He looks crushed when she tells him she was working with them before the whole incident at the lake house, where Cas almost died.

Mary says she feels terrible about what happened there.Dean says, "Good".

Three Days Later....
A van pulls up at the BMOL checkpoint.Mary and Mr. Ketch get out.He congratulates her on a job well done.He thinks their BMOL gadgets did a good job on their last vampire-killing mission and he and Mary didn't have to do much.Mary looks uneasy, but she says she's fine when Ketch asks her if something is wrong.

In the BMOL compound, Ketch passes his bag off to a colleague, expecting her to clean his weapons.She protests that she has a doctorate and he blows her off.

Mary checks her messages, hoping for one from Dean.Or Sam.She flashes back to Dean chewing her out for being absent in their lives.He told her they gave her space, but he realizes she needed space from them; from Sam and Dean. Not just space to "find herself". He just wants her to be their mom, but she says she's not "just a mom" and he's not a child.He spits back that he never was (never got to be) a child.

To Dean, Mary made her choice.

She tries to talk to Sam (still in her flashback), but Sam says she should go.

In the present, she checks her phone, but no reply from her sons.

Ketch makes his way to the war room in the BMOL compound.He reports that the work is boring; they terminated another "nest" without complications.He says Mary was excellent.Mitch wants to know if she talked about Sam and Dean.Ketch says they don't need them.In Mary, they already have the best Winchester.Mitch says that their superiors think that where Sam and Dean go, the rest of the American hunters will follow.

Back in the bunker, Dean is looking for a case for them.A dead man found with his throat cut.Sam says it's not their kind of thing.Dean wants to check it out but it sounds like Dean is grasping for anything to do for work.Dean tells Sam to find them a case then because he needs to work.Now.

Sam asks Dean if he wants to talk about it.Dean replies, "not really".Then says he doesn't know what Mary was thinking. Sam sounds like he wants to hear Mary's side even though he's pissed.Dean reminds Sam that Mary lied to them for months.Sam says she must have a good reason.She's their mom.Dean doesn't want to hear it.He says he needs
multiple drinks.Dean accuses Sam of always playing the middle and trying to be the peacemaker.Dean wants Sam to pick a side (obviously his side).Dean leaves.

Sam checks his phone and finds a message from Mary saying it's urgent and they need to meet. Sam goes.

He's wary though.Outside the BMOL headquarters, Mary tells Sam she knows she messed up, but what the BMOL are doing is bigger than them.They have a shot at a world without monsters if they do things the BMOL way.Mary still wants them, her sons, to have a shot at a normal life.Sam tells her he chose hunting, Mary insists there can still be a different future for all of them.Mary wants to show him the inside of the BMOL's headquarters.Sam follows her in.

Sam is impressed, even though he doesn't want to be.Mary reminds Sam this is only a temporary base (implying that their real base of operations in England is even more impressive).Mitch comes up and tries to shake Sam's hand, but Sam refuses.

Sam says he's going to leave, but Mick invites him to stay for the briefing on how they are going to do away with every last vampire in America.

Back at the bunker, Dean comes in yelling "Lucy, I'm - ", but he finds a note from Sam saying he'll be back later.Dean's upset to find the liquor bottles empty.

At the BMOL headquarters, several are assembled for the meeting and one asks where Ketch is.

At the bunker, there's a knock at the door.Dean heads up thinking it's Sam, asking, "Did you forget your key?" only to open the door and find Ketch.

Dean wants to know how he found them.Ketch points out that they know the location of all of the Men of Letters bunkers. Dean goes to close the door, but Ketch stops him and takes a step in.He's brought a bottle of scotch with him and Dean lets him in.

In the BMOL headquarters, Mick introduces everyone.Several BMOL members and a couple of American hunters.Sam refuses to sit.They start to talk about their vampire extermination project.Sam can't believe how many they've killed.

They explain that vampires are all connected.They want to treat them like a group of terrorists.They try to gather info. on each nest and who is related to whom.They gather intelligence on them.Then they kill them all.The woman making the presentation claims they have the last remaining midwest vampires located in an abandoned hotel where they think
they are safe, but they've been watching them.They have a "AVD"; anti-vampire device...that can be deployed to take out a whole nest without having to chop off their heads one at a time (where's the fun in that?).They're ready to attack that nest and the midwest will then be clean.Then they'll move on to the rest of the country.

In the abandoned hotel, one vamp is talking to another; reporting that her whole nest was killed.The vampire she's talking to tells her she's safe.The hotel is a fortress and no one gets in without him knowing."Is that so?" says the Alpha Vamp from behind him.

Back at the bunker, Dean and Ketch are drinking scotch.Ketch says the bunker is "quaint".Dean drinks and doesn't reply.

Ketch thinks Dean must have questions.Dean says he's sure Ketch is there to recruit them.Him and Sam.Dean says he already has Mary, now he wants them.Ketch says he's not that interested in them, but the higher-ups are.Dean points out that they shouldn't have sent someone to kill them then (Toni Bevel).Ketch says that Toni "went rogue"; which he
himself predicted, but no one believed him (he claims).He says he used to date Toni.

Ketch says he cares nothing about Dean's fate, but the MOL's are an excellent fit for killers like himself and Dean.Ketch thinks that people like he and Dean can't go too long without killing or things get ugly.The MOL's send Ketch on missions which is what he needs.Dean is not
convinced.Ketch tells Dean he has vampires to go kill.Does Dean want to come along?

Back at the BMOL's headquarters, the American hunter seems impressed to meet Sam.Rufus told him all about the Winchesters.

Mick admits they are trying to attract the best of the American hunters, like Sam, but it's been a struggle.

Elsewhere, Ketch and Dean have suddenly decided to hunt vampires together.Dean rolls up in the Impala, Ketch on his motorcycle.Dean asks what they're walking into.Ketch says there are probably 10 in there.They need to move fast before the sun goes down.Ketch picks up a very large gun and Dean comments that it's fancy.Ketch considers for a moment and decides it will be too easy and asks Dean, instead, if he has a second machete he can use.Dean passes one

Ketch and Dean enter the building, but it looks empty.Ketch finds this "curious".

Back at the BMOL headquarters, Mary tells Sam that even if he doesn't want to join, she wanted him to see the operation.

Outside, the guard at the headquarters hears something.

In the hotel, Dean confirms the place is empty, but Ketch has found one living vamp...the refugee vampire girl we saw earlier.Ketch asks her where her friends are.She won't tell him.Ketch starts to beat her enthusiastically, trying to get answers out of her, but Dean stops him.Ketch argues that she's a monster.Dean asks to have a chance at trying to get info. out of her.He says he'll kill her quickly if she tells them where her friends are.She says they went hunting.They went hunting the hunters.

At the BMOL headquarters, they see that the guard has been killed on the security cam.The group of vampires have killed him.They are dragging him to the entry point and using his fingerprints to gain access to the place.They hold the dead man's hand up to the security pad and the gate opens.The vampires pour in.

Sam jumps into action, telling them to lock the place down.The remaining guards try, but the vampires overtake them.

Inside, the BMOL, Sam, and Mary, run around trying to lock every door.Sam and Mary come upon two vampires feeding on a guard.They kill them.Sam and Mary take one vampire prisoner to question him.Mick wants to know how the vamps found them.How did they know how to get in.The prisoner vampire says "he" told them.That "he" (the Alpha vamp) came back to save them all.

The BMOL lady tells Sam it's impossible that the Alpha has shown up because their intel has him in Morocco where he's been for a decade.Sam informs her that's not correct.Sam met him five years ago.The prisoner vampire taunts them, telling them they're all going to die.Mary gets sick of hearing the taunts and takes off his head with her machete which seems to repulse and stun the BMOL's in the room.

Sam asks if the BMOL extermination plan has a contingency for what they are experiencing now.No, it does not.Sam says they can't wait for backup and Mary agrees, noting that the headquarters was not built for defense and the doors won't keep them out forever.Mary tries to get a plan together.She asks who in the room has even killed anything.Only Sam and Pierce.

Sam asks for everyone's weapons.There isn't much.The BMOL's don't really have weapons. Most of their weapons are in the armory, including the "AVD". Mary suggests that if they can get to it, they can set it off in the vents and use the gas it emits like a bug bomb to kill the vampires that way.Sam doesn't think that will kill the Alpha though; maybe just hurt it.

Sam asks if they have anything stronger and Mary and Mick exchange looks.Mary asks where "it" is.

The vampires continue to try to break in from outside.They get a door open.

Mick brings out a box and opens it, showing Sam they have the Colt.Sam can hardly believe it.Sam asks where they got it.Mary admits she stole it from Ramiel.Mick says it doesn't work because they have no bullets.Sam is close to tears at learning about Mary's betrayal, but tries to get his head back in the game.He knows the recipe for bullets (from Bobby) andstarts listing ingredients and writing down instructions.He hands them to Mick.Sam says it wouldn't hurt to start praying either because they'll need a miracle.

Sam and Mary and Pierce head for the armory.They fight off vampires as they go.Sam tries to hold the door closed, but he can't.

In the war room, Mick and the other BMOL's are mixing ingredients for the Colt bullets.

Elsewhere, Dean and Ketch race towards the BMOL headquarters.

Inside the war room, Pierce is banging on the door.They let him in and ask what happened.He says it's "bad out there" and then the BMOL who opened the door for Pierce is killed, from behind, by the Alpha Vamp.Pierce has apparently been working with the Alpha.The female BMOL tries to attack the Alpha, but he fends her off and kills her, biting her neck.

Out in the hallway, Sam has successfully fought off a few more vampires.He heads to follow Mary to the armory.

Inside the war room, Mick can't believe Pierce has ratted him out.The Alpha admits that he and Pierce have an arrangement...Pierce keeps the Alpha off the hunters' radar, and the Alpha pays Pierce very well for doing so.

The Alpha say he's old and likes living quietly.The BMOL have been making his life difficult lately.They've killed so many of his children.He says he's seen the work of the BMOL.He's insulted they came to America which is his home.

Elsewhere, Sam finds Mary unconscious.Pierce knocked her out on the way to the armory where he stomped on and disabled the vampire killing device.

In the war room, the Alpha tells Mick that he has to call London and admit defeat.Tell them to cancel this American incursion, then they'll watch as he devours Mick onscreen.

Suddenly, Mary sneaks up behind Pierce and knocks him out with the butt of her machete.Mick quickly steps away from the Alpha as Sam grabs the Colt.He gets the Alpha in his sights.The Alpha recognizes the Colt.He tells Sam he knows there are 5 creatures on the planet that the Colt can't kill and he, the Alpha, is one of them.Sam says if that were true, Sam wouldbe dead already.The Alpha counters that the gun can't save everyone in the room.Sam says he and his family kill vamps when they get out of line.Sam says he never said he was going to try to save everyone in the room.He asks the Alpha to let him and his mom go.He tells the vamp they can go back to the fair fight of the way things were.Sam says the Alpha can have Mick.Mary asks Sam what he's doing.

Sam tells her he's picking a side.

When Sam says he'll let the Alpha have Mick, Mick attacks Sam and appears to wrestle for the Colt.Sam throws Mick off as Mary runs at the Alpha with her machete.The Alpha throws Mary across the table.Sam stands back up and trains the Colt on the Alpha.

The Alpha tells Sam that they both know the Colt's not loaded.Sam smiles slightly and asks, "You sure?".

The Alpha thinks back to what he just saw in slow motion...when Mick attacked Sam, he actually handed him a bullet for the Colt.When Mary attacked the Alpha, that gave Sam time to load the bullet into the gun.

Sam fires.Hitting the Alpha in the forehead.He drops.(After a very cool camera view through the hole in the Alpha's forehead).

The war room is littered with the bodies of the BMOL's.Mick is in shock.Mary tells him everything is clear.They've killed most of the vampires and the others ran when the Alpha died.

Dean and Ketch have finally made it back to the BMOL headquarters.Mick wants to know why Ketch wasn't there; people died.Ketch tells him that he doesn't know how it works in Mick's ivory tower, but "down here in the muck" people die. Ketch says he was following orders...making a play to recruit Dean and it was working until Mick's operation "went sideways". Ketch coldly tells Mick, "Better luck next time".

Dean tells Sam and Mary he was "with him" (Ketch) when they found out the headquarters was under attack and he drove like a bat out of hell to get there.Sam asked "how come"?Because Dean doesn't care about the BMOL and he didn't know Sam was there.Dean looks at Mary.Sam realizes.Dean says that when he thought something might have happened to Mary, nothing else mattered.Mary tries to apologize for what she said.Dean stops her.He tells her it's not her job to
make his lunch or kiss him goodnight.They're adults.She has to make her own choices even if Dean really really doesn't like it.He says he's going to have to get used to it, okay?Mary says "okay".

Ketch walks by, dragging Pierce in chains.Sam wants to know where he's taking him.Ketch assures him that they "have ways" of dealing with hunters that go rogue.The ways "aren't pleasant".Sam and Mary both say, "Good".

Sam walks over to talk to Mick, leaving Dean with Mary.

Mick is shaken.He starts to talk about what would have happened if Sam hadn't been there that night...but Sam brushes it off saying they got the kill and that's all that matters.Mick admits it was not the best night for the BMOL or his own leadership.Sam says this was a bad night, but the Alpha is dead.Sam seems to be convinced that the BMOL are changing the world and he says he's "in".He wants to be a part of it.

Mick asks about Dean.Sam asks Mick to "give me (Sam) some time" to bring Dean around.

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