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Amelia/Demon: And you know what's funny?
Dean: You wearing a soccer mom?
Castiel: We need to talk.
Dean: I'm dreaming, aren't I?
Castiel: It's not safe here... someplace more private.
Dean: More private? We're inside my head.
Castiel: Exactly. Someone could be listening
Anna: You let Jimmy get away?
Dean: (about Sam) Talk to Ginormo here.
Dean: Cas, you okay?
Jimmy: Castiel - I’m not Castiel. It’s me.
Sam: Who’s me?
Jimmy: Jimmy - my name’s Jimmy.
Dean: Where the hell is Castiel?
Jimmy: He’s gone.
Dean: What were you doing anyway?
Sam: I went for a Coke.
Dean: (ironically) Was it a refreshing Coke?
Dean: Cas, hold up. What were you going to tell me?
Castiel: I learned my lesson while I was away, Dean. I serve Heaven, I don't serve man. And I certainly don't serve you.
Sam: What's the big demon problem?
Bobby: You are. This is for your own good. (locks Sam inside the panic room)
Jimmy: Castiel you son of a b*tch! You promised me my family would be okay, you promised you were gonna take care of them! I gave you everything you asked me to give, I gave you more! This is the thanks I get? This is what you do? This is your Heaven? Help me, please! You promised, Cas! Just help me!
Sam:You have to come with us.
Jimmy:How long? And don't give me that "cross that bridge when we get to it" crap.
Sam: Don't you get it? Forever. The demons will never stop. You can never be with your family. So, you either get as far away from them as possible. Or you put a bullet in your head, And that's how you keep your family safe. But there's no getting out and there's no going home.
Dean: Don't sugarcoat it, Sam.

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