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Cambridge, England.

A woman enters a museum right before closing. She goes downstairs to a "staff only" area. She tries to break into a storage room using a key code written on a piece of paper, but it won't work, so she just kicks in the door. She goes through a drawer full of ancient scrolls and papers. She finds the two pages she's looking for and puts them in her bag.

She's interrupted by a security guard. She opens her mouth and black smoke pours from her into the guard. She falls to the ground. The possessed guard picks up her bag.

the guard meets up with another man in an alley and hands over the documents. The man is pleased. The guards asks how Asmodeus will reward them. The man kills the guard. The man calls Dean Winchester, telling him he has something he might be interested in.

In the bunker, Dean's cleaning his gun. Sam thinks the gun is plenty clean already. Sam can't find any sign of Ketch. Jack is also untraceable. Sam figures they won't find him until he makes a mistake, which is what Dean is worried about.

Dean answers the phone to the mysterious man on the other end who has something he thinks Dean might want. The man says the word in hell is that Jack is in the wind and he has something the might help Dean find him. He wants Dean to meet him at a diner.

As they walk there (? - maybe they drove and parked and then walked...they are talking as they approach the diner on foot by way of a sidewalk busy with other people), Sam wonders if this demon is working for Asmodeus. They know nothing about him. Sam wants to know what the guy has though. At least they know he's a demon. Dean says they'll hear him out, then they'll kill him.

They find him at the diner. He's ordered Dean cherry pie, but nothing for Sam. He introduces himself as "Bart". Bart says he's followed their careers.

Bart tries to make it out like they have similarities. Both he and the Winchesters are "natural disrupters".

Sam wants to know what Bart has for them. He takes out a sheet of parchment. He says it's a nephilim tracking spell. Dean doesn't believe him. Bart assures Sam it's real. Sam wants to know why he'd give it to them. Bart says that after Crowley's promotion to King of Hell, Bart is now "the" crossroads demon. He makes deals. He says it's his "raison d'être" (reason for being/living)which Sam smirks at and Dean doesn't understand.

Bart says he needs a favor. He's only given them half of the spell and they can have the other half after they do a favor for him.

Bart says Sam's the smart one. He tells Sam to look into the spell and he'll be in touch. Dean eats the pie.

Back at the bunker, Sam says the spell checks out. He's roughly translated it. It's ancient. Commissioned by King Solomon to keep tabs on the Queen of Sheba who was reported to be half angel.

Sam thinks it would work if they had the other half. Sam doesn't want to play Bart's games. But Sam wants to find Jack. Jack's alone and scared and dangerous. They have to take a chance on finding him. Dean silently agrees.

Sam and Dean meet with Bart in what looks like an old factory. There are two other people there. He introduces them as "Smash" and "Grab". Smash is a human (female) safe cracker. Grab is a (male) demon who is an expert at circumventing Supernatural security.

Dean asks if this favor is some kind of heist. Bart explains that there's a man who lives off the grid and collects supernatural objects and he has something that belongs to him. It's a trunk in a safe in a vault. Dean wants to know what's in the safe that Bart wants so badly. Sam wants to know why Bart doesn't go get it himself. Bart says he would if he could. He can't get through the warding. They can locate the safe, but the only thing that can open the safe is the blood of a man who's been to hell and back. That's why he needs Dean. (One can argue Sam's also been to hell, but details details.)

Dean offers his blood, but Bart says it has to be straight from the "tap". He says there may be complications with this theft, and Sam and Dean are good at complications.

Sam asks how the owner gets into his own vault. Bart says he uses his own blood. He's not a demon, but he's a sadist and a murderer who has, apparently, also been to hell and back. He'll do anything to add to his collection.

Dean asks again what's in the vault that Bart wants so badly. Bart won't answer. He says that either they help him, or he'll give a copy of the spell to find Jack to Asmodeus. He's looking for Jack too, but Bart doesn't trust him...even less than he trusts Sam and Dean.

Dean and Sam talk in private for a moment. Dean's sure Bart doesn't want to get his hands dirty and just wants to send Sam and Dean into a situation that's sure to go off the rails. Dean's sure Bart will screw them over, but Sam says not if they screw him over first. Sam can't let Asmodeus get the spell. Sam's plan is to do the job, get the other half of the spell, then they'll kill Bart. Dean agrees to that.

Sam tells Bart they need a distraction. Bart assures him the collector will never see them coming.

Cut to the mansion of the collector and a man talking to him who says, "they're coming". So much for that!

Luther, the collector, is talking to a demon, sent by Asmodeus. He wants Luther to call him when Bart shows his "traitor face". Luther says he could do that, or...he starts to recite an exorcism. The demon is standing in a trap. Luther says he doesn't take orders. He gives them. That's what the exorcised demon can tell Asmodeus. Luther says if anyone comes, he's ready.

Outside Luther's house, the Impala pulls up. Sam poses as a dealer of Supernatural rarities. Dean is hiding in the back seat along with Smash. the Impala pulls up the rutted driveway. Dean and Smash get out.

Sam continues on up to the house. He rings the doorbell. The warded door swings open. Luther calls to him. He's sitting behind a desk.

Outside, Dean and the woman (Smash) walk in the rain until they can break into what looks like a shed. Dean scratches a symbol in the dirt. Smash stands nearby, drinking what Dean recognizes as an energy drink. He says he used to live on that when he was a kid. He also tells her she's weird. Dean thought they didn't make that drink anymore. She confirms that they don't. She hands him a can. He takes a drink. Dean asks her about safe cracking. She asks him about hunting. He tells her that working for demons isn't a good idea. She points out that he's currently working for a demon. Dean says he doesn't have a choice.

She says she doesn't have a choice either. Dean asks how she got into this situation. She changes the subjects asking how long this demon-summoning spell will take. Dean lights a match and ignites the ingredients and suddenly, the demon working with Bart (Grab) appears. He says the safe room is hidden by a cloaking spell, but he's got this.

He says Dean's blood will lead them to the vault. Dean asks if he's like some kind of vault compass. "And you said he was just a pretty face," Grab says to Smash, eliciting a "Shhhh!" from her.

The demon recites a spell that commands Dean's blood to find the safe. His arm flings out like a dowsing rod and pulls him towards the safe.

Back inside, Luther pours Sam and drink. Homemade gin. Luther shows off his collection to Sam a bit, but Sam corrects him about some of the things he has. Luther wants to see what Sam brought. He puts Ruby's demon-killing knife in front of Luther.

Elsewhere...Dean is being pulled towards the safe, followed by Bart's associates. They reach a set of storm doors to a basement. Dean observes there's no lock and that's never a good sign. The demon won't go down there.

The demon motions for Dean to go down the stairs. Dean and Smash turn on the light to find a warded door with a slot in the middle. Smash thinks Dean is supposed to put his hand in the slot.

Inside, Luther calls Sam's bluff. He knows Bart sent him and Sam's there to rob him, but he thinks Sam's a demon. Luther fights with Sam. He shoots at him, but Sam dives out of the way.

Sam grabs the demon knife that's fallen to the floor and stabs Luther. Nothing happens. Luther tells him that as long as he's on his own property, he can't die. He pulls the knife out, picks up another heavy artifact, and hits Sam in the head, knocking him out.

Dean doesn't want to put his hand in the slot. Mostly he's afraid of spiders or anything else that could be in there. He tries to talk his way out of it but finally sticks his hand in. Nothing happens. Dean's relieved. Then a mechanism clamps down on his hand and a needle comes out to get a drop of blood. He screams when it sticks him. It lets go of his hand and the door swings open. Dean pulls his hand back to find he only has a small pin-prick. Smash sarcastically asks if he's going to live and walks past him through the open door.

She steps on a stone and a dart comes flying out of the wall. Dean pulls her out of the way just in time.

Dean says this must be one of the curve balls Bart was talking about.

Outside, Grab is asking how it's going; yelling into the open storm door. He turns around and is stabbed to death by Luther. Smash tells Dean that Luther is right there. She runs outside, seeing the dead demon Grab at the entrance.

Dean asks Luther where Sam is. Luther says he thought Sam was a demon, but he was alive when he left him.

Dean pulls out his gun.

Dean tries to get Luther to hand over the safe. Luther won't. Dean starts to fire at him as Luther walks towards him. It has no effect. Sam shows up in the doorway and tells Dean that Luther's immortal. Dean punches him out instead, comment at at least he "has a glass jaw".

Later, Luther is tied to a post. Dean is telling him how it's going to go. He's going to tell them how to get through the booby traps and into the safe. Luther says that even if they can get the safe open, which they can't, they'll be shot with hundreds of tiny darts on the way. Luther wants to see them try. Dean puts tape over his mouth.

Outside, Smash is running away, only to be meant by Bart at the edge of the property. She thinks everyone might be dead. Bart said she has to go back and do her job. He's not willing to renegotiate. She says she'll do another job to make it up to him.

Back underground, Sam and Dean try to figure out how to get to the safe without stepping on the wrong tile. Dean thinks they should wing it. Sam says it's too complex. Sam says it's not like the lasers in "Entrapment". Dean's impressed that Sam watched "Entrapment". Sam shrugs, like it's obvious, and just says, "Catherine Zeta Jones".

Sam looks at the duct tape on the floor. He has an idea.

Sam and Dean strap Luther to a chair on a rolling cart. On three, they push it forward and Luther rolls across the tiles, getting shot full of darts, which, of course, can't kill him because he's on his own property. Dean thinks it was awesome.

Sam and Dean stand facing the safe door. Dean says Luther's tied back up and man is he pissed. Dean asks Sam if he can open the safe. Sam doesn't think so. Suddenly, Smash shows up behind them. She says she can open it. She says she's here, she doesn't have a choice. She sold her soul, but as long as she keeps working for Bart, he won't collect. She says the Winchesters can't help her. She has to take care of herself.

She approaches the safe with a stethoscope and starts working on it. In a few seconds, she's in. They're impressed.

They remove the trunk Bart wants and see that Luther has escaped as they leave. Dean doesn't care, he just wants to get out.

They pile into the Impala and try to flee the property, but are met by Luther in a pickup truck. Dean throws the car into reverse, driving backwards, and Luther drives forward right in front of them. Dean asks Sam if he'll handle it and Sam shoots out Luther's tire, stopping the truck.

Sam makes Luther get out. Luther says Bart is pure evil. Luther found Bart and traded his soul for that of his sick son, who recovered, only to die later. Bart told Luther that "accidents happen" and he wasn't responsible for his son's eventual death. Luther said when the hounds came to drag him to hell, he negotiated a new deal.

Sam wants to know how.

Luther says he had leverage. They should look in the trunk. He throws them the key he's wearing around his neck.

The trunk is full of bones. Bart's bones. If they're burned, he dies. That's Luther's leverage. He says that Sam and Dean, working for Bart, are on the wrong side of this one and they'll have to ask themselves if they can live with that.

Suddenly, Luther is decapitated from behind. By Bart.

He dies because he's driven off his property. Bart says he never should have left the house.

Bart gives Alice (Smash) a roll of money for a job well done. He has the other half of the spell for Sam and Dean. Dean says, "Sam?" Sam replies, "No".

Bart grabs Alice. He tells Sam and Dean to give him his bones or he'll snap Alice's neck.

Dean says okay. He slides the trunk towards Bart. Bart lets go of Alice. He asks her to take the trunk. Alice says she's sorry. Dean says it's okay, she has to take care of herself. He repeats that she has to take care of herself. She nods in understanding.

She sees a lighter inside the trunk, hidden from Bart by the open lid. Dean must have put it there. She walks around to get the trunk and picks up the lighter. She lights it and throws it in, igniting the bones. Bart screams as he's burned. He's still holding out the sheet of parchment with the spell and Dean yells for Sam to grab it. Sam tries, but it's too late. He blows on it
when it hits the ground, which only makes it burn faster (C'mon, Sam! You know blowing on something only makes it burn FASTER!!!). It's completely burned and unusable.

Sam and Dean are walking Alice to the bus station. She thanks them for the ride. She says she'll be okay. She apologizes. She thanks them for helping her. Dean tells her to stay weird. She leaves on the bus.

Back at the bunker:
Dean's opening a beer. He asks Sam if he's okay. Sam says no, it wasn't the best day. Dean points out they saved someone and that felt good. Sam says yes, but they're back to square one with Jack. Dean says they'll just keep working until they get Jack back. Sam's glad to hear Dean sounding so positive. Dean agrees.

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