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TEASER: Milford, Nebraska
Sam wakes up and realizes that he and Eileen are zip-tied to chairs in what looks like an empty casino. Chuck appears and smugly confesses that he’s the one who manipulated events so Sam would find and resurrect Eileen, and Eileen would end up at the bunker. Chuck says he needed “eyes” inside the bunker and couldn’t see through Sam, so he used Eileen instead.
Chuck admits that he’s “weaker” and annoyed that he and Sam are connected by their wounds. While Chuck is talking, he tells Sam that “all good things must come to an end”, and he brandishes a scalpel.

At the bunker, Castiel is making borax shotgun rounds, while Dean tries unsuccessfully to reach Sam and Eileen on their phones. Dean suspects the two are in trouble.

Back at the casino, Chuck tells Sam that their wounds aren’t healing properly, but he doesn’t know why. Chuck suspects there’s something “festering” inside Sam, and he intends to use the scalpel to find out what it is and remove it.

While this is happening, Chuck’s back is turned to Eileen, who surreptitiously uses her cell phone to call Dean. She slips the phone back into her pocket, but Dean can hear the conversation going on.


Back at the bunker, Dean answers his phone and hears what’s going on. But before too much can be said, Chuck realizes what Eileen has done and takes the phone from her. Chuck briefly says “hello” to Dean before smashing the phone. Then, he turns his attention back to Sam.Dean hastily uses the tracking device in Sam’s phone to find his location in Milford, Nebraska. Dean initially wants to rush to Sam’s aid. But during a brief but heated debate, Cas convinces him that the best way to save Sam is to get the Leviathan blossom, so they have a weapon when they face Chuck.

At the casino, Chuck prepares to cut into Sam’s wound, but can’t bring himself to do it. Sam taunts him, saying that he doesn’t want to get his own hands dirty. In response, Chuck takes control of Eileen’s body and forces herto use the scalpel on Sam. Against her will, Eileen starts cutting into Sam’s wound with the scalpel.

Dean and Cas arrive in Purgatory, but realize that they don’t know what the Leviathan blossom looks like. They agree, however, that the entire time they were in Purgatory before, they never saw any flowers. They surmise that they’ll know the leviathan blossom when they find it, and begin their search.

At the casino, Sam screams while Eileen continues cutting. Chuck casually sits nearby, quietly playing his guitar. After a few moments, Chuck realizes his plan isn’t working, so he sends Eileen away to get cleaned up and uses his powers to heal Sam’s wound.

Chuck angrily demands to know how Sam is still so defiant. But while he’s thinking about the answer, he realizes that it’s Sam’s hope that is interfering with the wound and helping Sam remain defiant. Chuck says that Sam believes Dean and Cas will burst into the room at any moment to save him, and it’s that hope that is making Sam believe that he can win.

In purgatory, Dean and Cas continue searching when they are attacked by a leviathan. Castiel handily overpowers the creature, and Dean and Cas tell the leviathan that they know he’s been tracking them and were waiting for him to make his move. When they demand, at gun point, to know the location of a leviathan blossom, the creature tells them that he knows where one is. He says that the blossom forms when a leviathan dies, but it takes months to grow, because the body must first decay. He agrees to take them to a blossom. Before the group heads out, Dean asks the leviathan if he knows about a vampire named Benny. The creature says he’s heard of Benny, but he died a long time ago at the hands of other vampires who didn’t trust him.

Chuck tries to convince Sam that his hope is misplaced and that the odds of him winning are slim. He also tells Sam that he “thinks” he wants to win, but if Sam knew the future, he wouldn’t want to win.
Chuck claps his hands and suddenly Sam is having a vision:

  • April 17, 2020 at 11:42 PM: Sam is in the bunker with Dean, Castiel and Eileen, and they get a phone call from Jody Mills, who tearfully reports that Claire was killed while helping her raid a vampire nest.
As soon as Sam awakens from his vision, Chuck shows him a pocket watch. Chuck says that Sam can set the watch to any date and time in the future, and see what is in store for them. Initially, Sam retorts that nothing Chuck shows him will change his mind. But eventually Sam accepts the watch and begins seeing glimpses of the future:
  • January 6, 2021 at 9:09 PM: Dean and Sam are driving the Impala through a burned out, ruined city. They are both bloody and have clearly been in a fight. Dean says they did everything they could, but the place was crawling with wolves; Sam replies that by the time they went in, the victims were all dead. As they’re talking, we learn that the Winchesters no longer have Castiel with them, but we don’t know what happened to the angel. Dean laments that the monsters are winning.
  • November 3, 2021 at 11:42 AM: At the bunker, Sam is loading his weapons and preparing to go on a hunt. We learn that the brothers were hunting a vampire nest and they need to go after them before the nest moves on. Dean enters the room and informs Sam that it doesn’t matter. During a brief conversation, Dean admits that he’s been trying to tell Sam for months that it’s time for them to step down. Dean reminds Sam that they’ve lost everyone they care about. He also says that he had to bury Castiel in a Malak box because the angel took on the Mark of Cain, which corrupted him. Dean laments that the monsters are everywhere and he and Sam aren’t even saving people anymore. As the brothers talk, we learn that most hunters have packed it in and stopped hunting. Jody Mills is still hunting, but something happened to Donna and the girls (we don’t know what), so now the only thing keeping Jody going is a death wish. Apparently, Bobby is also still hunting, but Dean believes that he also has a death wish. Dean also accuses Sam of having a death wish after something happened to Eileen.

Sam reminds Dean that they’d agreed to go out “Butch and Sundance” style, but Dean says they lost and he’s given up; he walks out of the room.

In present time, Sam accuses Chuck of lying. Sam says that the Dean he knows – the Dean who raised him -- would never give up. Chuck insists that the future Sam is seeing is the truth and that Dean will eventually give up.

  • November 3, 2021 at 12:36 PM: Dean is sitting alone in the war room when Sam enters and announces that he’s leaving for the hunt – with or without Dean. Dean laments that he doesn’t have a choice and the brothers leave.

As Chuck and Sam watch the vision, Chuck says that dean should’ve followed his gut. When Sam asks why and tries to set the watch further into the future, Sam discovers that the watch is stuck at December 9, 2022, indicating that he dies on that day, so there is no more future for him.


While walking with the leviathan, Dean and Cas talk. Cas say she’s sorry about Benny, and Dean admits his sadness because he owed Benny his life, and Benny returned to Purgatory to save Sam at his request. Cas admits that he blames himself for the leviathans getting out and for him and Dean ending up in Purgatory because of it. He also comments that he’s sorry about Jack, and he apologized to Dean for that but Dean wouldn’t accept his apology. When Dean retorts that Cas is the one who left, Cas reminds Dean that he never tried to stop him, because he was too angry.

After some time, the group arrives at a clearing and see a leviathan blossom. Castiel tries to grab the blossom, but realizes that he’s stuck in an angel trap. Dean and Cas realize they’ve been tricked. The leviathan tells them that Eve is angry with Castiel for killing alphas and swallowing her leviathans. Apparently, there is a reward for trapping Castiel, and the leviathan intends to collect it. Before Dean can do anything, he gets attacked by another leviathan. He shoots the creature with one of the borax shells, but gets knocked out when his back is turned.

Dean awakens to discover that Castiel and the blossom are both gone. He begins searching for the angel.

Time passes and we see that Dean has been searching for Castiel. However, he looks at his phone and realizes that the rift will close in 30 minutes, so he is running out of time.

In desperation, Dean prays to Cas. Dean apologizes for not stopping Castiel from leaving the bunker. He says that Cas is his best friend, and it was easier to let him leave than admit he was wrong. Dean apologizes for being angry and tells Cas that of course he forgives him.
Later, Dean is still on the move. When he looks at his phone, he has less than 3 minutes left before the rift closes. Dean (who may have arrived near the rift) finds Castiel sitting under a tree waiting for him. The two embrace and Cas tells Dean that since the leviathans were after him and not Dean, he went along with them. Before they reached Eve, Castiel found another leviathan blossom, fought the leviathans off and escaped with the blossom. He also tells Dean that he heard his prayer. The two leave purgatory together.


  • December 9, 2022 at 3:11 AM: Dean and Sam barricade themselves in a room and wait to be attacked. They agree that they are outnumbered, but say they will go out fighting. Outside the door, we see hunters – including Jody and Bobby – approaching with weapons. Inside the room, Dean and Sam prepare for the door to be breached and we see that they both have vampire fangs!
    When the hunters attack, Jody shoots Sam with dead man’s blood shells. Dean kills Jody, and before Sam can kill Bobby, he sinks weakly to the floor, and Bobby beheads him.

Sam abruptly wakes up from his vision. He is clearly shaken. Chuck admits that Dean and Sam deserved better, and their ending was crappy. Chuck confesses that Dean and Sam matter deeply to him, and he wants better things for both of them.

Sam replies that he has “seen” Chuck’s endings for the Winchesters (one brother killing the other) and it’s not any better.


Back at the bunker, Dean and Cas mix the potion to bind Chuck. As they’re talking, we learn that one of them must take on the Mark of Cain (as Lucifer did when Chuck bound Amara) to keep the container locked. Castiel agrees to do it, because the Mark almost killed Dean the first time. They complete the spell, which creates a red sphere that contain Chuck. Then, they head to Nebraska to save Sam.
At the casino, Sam insists that when he and his brother defeat Chuck, they will make a better ending. But Chuck replies that Dean and Sam have been playing fast and loose with magic for a long time, and breaking rules. Chuck admits that it’s heroic and he likes that about them, but there’s still too much about the fabric of the universe that the brothers don’t know. Chuck convinces Sam that if he and Dean stay their current course, the monsters will win. Chuck says that without him, dark forces will prevail, monsters rule, and everybody the Winchesters love will die.Some time later, Dean and Cas enter the casino and find Sam tied to a chair. Dean releases his brother, but gets attacked by Eileen, who is still under Chuck’s control.
Castiel overpowers Eileen, and Chuck slaps Dean across the room. Castiel rolls the sphere to Sam and Dean orders his brother to smash the orb. Sam hesitates, telling Dean that he can’t. Sam drops the sphere and it rolls over to Chuck, who destroys it. Dean and Cas are shocked, and Dean demands to know what Chuck did to Sam. Before Chuck answers, his wound and Sam’s wound suddenly heal. Chuck realizes that because Sam has given up hope, the wounds have healed.Dean confronts Chuck, saying he knows Chuck won’t kill them because Sam has seen his plans for them. However, Chuck replies that what Sam saw were Chuck’s memories of other Deans and Sams in other universes. Chuck adds that the other brothers all though they’d never kill each other, but they were wrong. Dean insists that he and Sam will never kill each other. Chuck says “We’ll see.” And disappears.EPILOGUE
Back at the bunker, Eileen tells Sam that she has to leave because she doesn’t know what’s real anymore. Sam kisses her to remind her that what they have is real. Eileen leaves.

Sam joins Dean and Cas in the bunker’s kitchen and tells them that Eileen is gone. Sam realizes that he blew their chance to stop Chuck, but he says that he believes the future Chuck showed him is true, so they had to stop. Dean and Cas don’t argue, but the group doesn’t know the next step.

In the Empty, Billie tells Jack “It’s time.”
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