The Usual Suspects Allusions

Dean: No, I’m Mulder. You’re a red-headed woman.

Dana Scully and Fox Mulder were the two main characters in the cult hit TV show, The X-Files. They were FBI agents who investigated the paranormal and the unexplained.

Dean: Time-Life: Mysteries of the Unknown. Look it up.

Referencing the popular series of books released by Time-Life chronicling all manner of supernatural and unexplained phenomena, including scientific and psuedo-scientific theories.

Dean: I'm not joking, Ponch.

Referring to the TV show CHiPS, which ran from 1977 to 1983, and followed two motorcycle officers. One of the main characters was Frank "Ponch" Poncherello.

Dean: Go to the first motel listed in the yellow pages. Look for Jim Rockford, that's how we find each other when we're separated.

Referencing the TV series The Rockford Files, starring James Garner as private investigator Jim Rockford.

Dean: You remember "redrum."

A reference to The Shining, the original 1977 Stephen King novel and the two subsequent movie adaptations. In it the boy Danny tries to write out the word "murder" but scrambles it as "redrum."

Dean: She look familiar to you? (refering to Detective Ballard)
Sam: No. Why?
Dean: I don't know. Anyway, you hungry?
Sam: No
Dean: Man, for some reason I could really go for some pea soup.

This is a reference to the Exorcist. In the movie while Regan (Linda Blair) is being possessed by the demon, she vomits everywhere. They used pea soup as a stand in for it, and Detective Ballard is played by Linda Blair.

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