The Usual Suspects Trivia

When the detectives interrogate Sam and Dean, there is no lawyer present.
When Sam and Ballard are in the motel room, just before they are about to leave Sam is seen putting his arm into his jacket then having his jacket in his hand again.
When Sam and Ballard are in the place on Ashland Street, they move a shelf and they see 'Ashland Sup' on a window, and then follow it to where we see it shadowed on a wall. However, the wrong parts are shadowed. If the letters are solid, like they appear on the window, everything else around it would be lighted, not the letters, like they appear on the wall.
When Sam brings Dean coffee, Sam sits down and takes a sip of the drink. In the next scene the cup is no longer at his mouth but on the table.
This is the first episode where Dean does not refer to Sam as Sammy.

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