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Dr. Benton begins to scoop out Sam's left eye, but when Dean shoots him, his hand is at Sam's left eye-which is now red, but is back to normal in the next shot
When Sam is attacked in the hotel room, he drops his Blackberry phone. However, the wrong screen is shown on the phone. Since he was talking on the phone we should have seen a lighter screen with the caller ID. The screen shown is the one you see when you are not using the phone.
When the jogger wakes up strapped to the table his heart monitor, while right-side-up for the camera, is now upside-down on his wrist.
When Bela makes the pact with Lilith, Lilith's eyes are red instead of white.
The graphic novel prequel 'Supernatural; Origins' sees John Winchester kill Doctor Benton and remove his heart with a chainsaw, this is what Sam and Dean refer to when they say it all sounds familiar.

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