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Sam: So what are we looking for?
Dean: Well, it's Pestilence so he probably looks sick.
Sam: Everyone looks sick.
Pestilence: You boys don't look so well. It might by the scarlet fever or the meningitis -- oh, or the syphilis.
Bobby: Why'd you take a picture?
Crowley: Why'd you have to use tongue?
Crowley: You boys better stock up on... well everything. This time next Thursday, we're going to be living in zombie land.
Castiel: Well it's the eleventh hour and I'm useless. (looks at shotgun) All I have is this. What I am even supposed to do with this anyway?
Bobby: Point it and shoot.
Dean: All right, well good luck stopping the whole zombie apocalypse.
Sam: Yeah. Good luck killing Death.
Dean: Yeah.
Castiel: How'd you get that?
Crowley: Hello! King of the crossroads.
Death: Join me, Dean. The pizza's delicious.
Dean: I gotta ask. How old are you?
Death: As old as God, maybe older. Neither of us can remember anymore. Life, death, chicken, egg. Regardless, at the end, I'll reap him too.
Dean: God? You'll reap God?
Death: Oh yes. God will die too, Dean.
Dean: Well, this is way above my pay grade.
Death: A bit.
Death (to Dean): I am more powerful than you can process, and I'm enslaved to a bratty child having a tantrum.
Dean: Are you okay?
Castiel: No.
Dean: You want to elaborate?
Castiel: I just woke up here. The doctors were fairly surprised. They thought I was brain dead.
Castiel: You could say my batteries are drained.
Dean: What do you mean? You're out of angel mojo?
Castiel: I'm saying that I'm thirsty and my head aches. I have a bug bite that itches no matter how much I scratch it, and I'm saying that I'm just incredibly --
Dean: Human. Wow. Sorry.
Pestilence (to Sam): However you feel right now, it's going to get so very, very much worse. Questions?
Pestilence: How did you get here?
Castiel: I took a bus.
Pestilence: There's not a speck of angel in you, is there?
Castiel (after cutting of the ring): Maybe just a speck.
Castiel (to Bobby): I don't understand your definition of 'good news'.
(to Bobby, about ´pawning´ his soul to Crowley in exchange for information)
Sam: Did you kiss him?
Dean: Sam!
Sam: Just wondering.
(they look at Bobby)
Bobby: No!
Sam: Look, Dean, um, for the record I agree with you... about me. You think I'm too weak to take on Lucifer? Well so do I. Believe me I know exactly how screwed up I am. You, Bobby, Cas, I'm the least of any of you.
Dean: Ahh, Sam.
Sam: It's true, it is, but... I'm also all we got. If there was another way... but I don't think there is. There's just me, so I don't know what else to do, except just try to do what's got to be done.
(to Dean and Sam)
Crowley: You two are lucky you have your looks.
Castiel: You're not the burnt and broken shell of a man I thought you to be.
Dean (sarcastically): Thank you. I appreciate that.
Castiel: You're welcome.
(to Dean)
Death: To a thing like me, a thing like you...well think about how you'd feel if a bacterium sat at your table and started to get snarky. This is one tiny planet, one tiny little solar system in a galaxy that's barely out of its diapers. I'm old, Dean, very old. So I invite you to contemplate how insignificant I find you.
Dean: How'd it go at the Rockettes audition?
Bobby: High kicks fair. Boobs need work.

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