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Two Minutes to Midnight starts off in Davenport, Iowa. Pestilence is pretending to be a doctor, but rather than healing he gives a lady named Celeste several illnesses at once. She pukes what looks to be chunky, mint chocolate chip ice-cream all over Pestilence’s face and dies, making Pestilence extremely happy.

We cut back to a day ago where Dean and Sam are arguing at Bobby’s about saying yes to Lucifer. They are interrupted by a call from Cas. He’s in the hospital, banged up and completely human. He can’t zap to them, so Dean has Bobby wire Cas some money, though Bobby isn’t exactly happy about it.

Dean and Sam head out to Serenity Valley Convalescent Home. They break in and take over the security station watching the screens for any sign of Pestilence. After what seems like several hours of boredom for the boys we’re caught back up to Pestilence killing Celeste in her room.

The Winchesters sneak through the hospital, but are noticed by a demonic nurse. She warns Pestilence, but he is determined to kill the brothers despite Lucifer’s orders. The closer Dean and Sam get to Pestilence the sicker they become. By the time they actually reach the room, the brothers are hard pressed for health and pass out at the door.

They wake to Pestilence giving them a speech about all the illnesses he’s giving them, and about how weak humans are. Cas throws the door open and Pestilence quickly realizes that our favorite angel is human. Cas suprises Pestilence by grabbing the knife and cutting the horseman’s fingers off. Pestilence leaves an ominous warning and takes off.

Back at Bobby’s, our trio is hoping for some good news, which Bobby gives them in an odd way, but he reveals Death’s location. Crowley shows up and they realize Bobby sold his soul for the information (Yes, it was sealed with a kiss. Crowley has the picture to prove it.)

Dean and Sam have a heart to heart. Well, Sam does most of the talking, and we get a picture of how Sam see’s himself. Crowley interrupts, bringing a newspaper about the Pharmaceutical Company that Brady worked at. They realize that the company is still going ahead with the vaccine that has the Croatoan Virus in it.

We get a glimpse of Death in Chicago. A man bumps up against him and then quickly falls to the ground, dead. Death glances over his shoulder, brushes himself off and keeps moving.

Cas is sulking as he and Bobby load the van, but Bobby’s not having any of it. He gives Cas a verbal kick in the pants. Dean and Crowley are going after Death, while Cas, Sam, and Bobby, (who’s now able to walk again thanks to Crowley) are going after the Croatoan Virus.

Sam tells Cas his idea to say yes to Lucifer, and surprisingly Cas agrees, though it tells them what could happen if Sam fails. They get to the distribution center and Bobby’s well thought out plan is cut short when someone is leaving a head of time. They stop him, and break into the warehouse, where demons have already infected some of the workers. Bobby and Sam take out the infected and save who they can.

Meanwhile Dean and Crowley pull up to the warehouse that Death is supposed to be in, but alas it seems Crowley was wrong. They go back to the Impala and Dean tries to figure out how to evacuate Chicago in the next ten minutes. Crowley, who’s been craving Pizza finds Death at an eatery.

Dean goes in, without Crowley. He and Death have long chat. It seems Lucifer has somehow bound Death to him, much to the dismay of the final horseman. He wants Lucifer back in hell as much as anyone else, if not more. After having Dean give his word to do whatever it takes to get Lucifer back into his cage, Death willingly gives over his ring. As a bonus he tells Dean how they work.

Dean is messing with all four of the rings when Bobby walks up to him. He’s extremely happy about being able to walk again. They banter back and forth before Bobby gets down to the nitty gritty about Sam. He asks Dean a question that’s going to make the oldest Winchester face some hard truths, and we’re left, on the edge of our seat, until next week.

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