Victor Henricksen

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Full name: Victor Henricksen

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Occupation: Special agent, FBI
Species: Human
Motivation: Catch Dean and Sam, who are accused of crimes in several states
First Appearance: Nightshifter
Last Appearance: Are You There God? It Me, Dean Winchester
Seasons: 2, 3, 4
Fate: Killed by Lilith at the end of Jus in Bello
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2.12 Nightshifter
When Dean and Sam are caught up in a bank seige, Henricksen arrives and takes over from the local police. Henrickson has been on the boys trail for a few weeks:
Yeah, well, that part's true, but how'd you even know we were here?
Go screw yourself, that's how I knew. It's become my job to know about you, Dean. I've been looking for you for weeks now. I know about the murder in St. Louis, I know about the Houdini act you pulled in Baltimore. I know about the desecrations and the thefts. I know about your dad.

He also has information on John Winchester and the boys' upbringing:
Ex-marine, raised his kids on the road, cheap motels, backwoods cabins. Real paramilitary survivalist type. I just can't get a handle on what type of whacko he was. White supremacist, Timmy McVeigh, to-may-to, to-mah-to.

Henricksen orders the SWAT team to storm the bank, but Sam and Dean escape.


2.19 Folsom Prison Blues

Sam and Dean orchestrate their own arrest so they can help their Dad's Marine buddy Deacon solve a series of paranormal killings in the Green River County Detention Center. Things are complicated when Henricksen arrives. Despite the protestations of the boys Public Defender, Henricksen refuses to consider they might not be guilty. However, the boys again manage to avoid capture, after their lawyer directs the FBI to the wrong cemetery.


3.12 Jus in Bello

Thanks to a tip-off from Bela, Henricksen apprehends Sam & Dean in Monument, Colorado. However things go downhill for Henricksen when a demon hoard wage siege on the sheriff's office where he's holding them captive. During the course of it, Henricksen is possessed. Exorcised by Sam & Dean, he is convinced that they are telling the truth about the supernatural they fight. In the conversations between he & Dean, Henricksen reveals a desire to follow in their footsteps. Together with the Winchesters, he fights off the demon hoard, only to be killed at the end of the episode by Lilith.

4.02 Are You There God? It's Me, Dean Winchester
Victor appears in ghost form as one of the witnesses (released/enslaved as the breaking of another seal) who try to kill Sam and Dean.

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  • Dean: Well I would like a cheese burger with. (pause) Extra onions.
  • Henricksen: You think you're funny.
  • Dean: I think I'm adorable.

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it's true that victor was an f.b.i. agent that made alot of troubles to the boys ....
but he was sooo cute character ......
for me he was doing his job that what he sppose to do .... may his job nature made do this ....
an way he was lovely.....

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