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One Year Ago

As the Apocalypse ends, Bobby is at home preparing a ritual to summon Crowley. Crowley arrives to note that Sam made the ultimate sacrifice and they've saved the world. Bobby asks for his soul back, per their deal, but Crowley tells him that per the contract, he only has to make "best efforts" to return the soul, but he can't. He says that Bobby has 10 years until he's summoned, and Bobby reveals that he's trapped him in a hidden Devil's Sign. However, Crowley has brought a hellhound, and will have it kill Bobby if he doesn't release him. Bobby lets Crowley go, but warns that it isn't over.

The Present

In Kenosha, Wisconsin, Dean and Sam examine a body at a playground with its chest cracked open, and find a claw. They call Bobby, who eventually answers. They explain there have been six bodies recently, and ask him to identify it. Bobby insists that he's busy but eventually agrees to do the research. When he doesn't have any luck with his own books, he drives into town and breaks into the library, and steals the book he needs. His car won't start but he eventually gets home and confirms that they're hunting a lamia, a monster rarely seen out of Greece.

Bobby calls Dean with the information and tells them that they can kill it with a blessed silver knife. Dean immediately hangs up, and Bobby then goes downstairs where he has a demon captive in a Devil's Sign. He demands to know Crowley's real name, but the demon taunts him about when Bobby had to kill his wife. He responds by bringing out a bag with something belonging to her and sets it on fire. The demon starts to burn, and she warns that Crowley is the king of Hell and she can't go against him.

The doorbell rings and Bobby goes upstairs. It's his new neighbor, Marcy Ward, who is there with peach cobbler. She hears the demon yelling and Bobby says that he's watching a horror movie. Marcy ends up inviting him over to watch horror movies and asks him to help fix her wood chipper if he has a chance. Once Marcy leaves, Bobby goes downstairs and returns to torturing the demon for Crowley's name. The demon finally gives in and tells her it is Fergus MacLeod. She demands that Bobby release her, but he torches the contents, killing her.

Later, Bobby spends his day taking calls for hunters. Rufus shows up to ask his help burying a body, and explains that he brought it there because the law is after him. It's an okami, a Japanese monster, and Bobby notes that Sam and Dean are after a Greek lamia. They proceed to bury the body and discuss Crowley. Bobby says that he's off to Scotland to where Crowley lived and died as a human. Rufus offers to make a few calls with his contacts, and ignores Bobby's objections.

Back inside, Bobby gets a call from Dean, who needs help because their plan to get a priest to bless their silver knife hasn't worked since the lamia killed the local priest. An FBI agent, Adams, arrives at his door, along with Sheriff Mills. Bobby asks them to wait and talks Dean through preparing a substance to destroy the lamia. They ask if Bobby has seen Rufus, and Bobby denies it. Adams wants to take a look around, and Bobby asks for a warrant. Mills asks Adams to go outside, and Bobby admits he has several bodies buried around the house. Mills knows all about it. They check and discover that Adams has gone out on his own. They go outside and find that he's already located the okami's grave. It's burst out, however, and Bobby claims that it's a septic tank explosion.

That night, Bobby calls Rufus, and they finally realize that Rufus didn't kill it properly. When Rufus tells Bobby that it feeds on single, white females, Bobby realizes who it will be going after next.

Marcy is preparing for the night when Bobby bursts in with a shotgun. He goes to the bedroom and searches for the okami, but doesn't find anything. The okami leaps from the ceiling and throws Bobby out the window, and then goes out after him. He finally manages to turn on the wood chipper and they struggle on the edge of it. Marcy runs out as Bobby gets the upper hand and shoves the okami into the chipper. He then turns to Marcy, who is covered in blood, and she admits she said the chipper was broke to get him over there. Bobby offers to come over for dinner, but she tells him it's not a good idea.

The next day, Bobby tells Rufus what happened, and Rufus thanks him for bailing him out. He tells Bobby that he's confirmed that Crowley was Fergus Rodric MacLeod, born in Canisbay, Scotland in 1661. He had a son, Gavin, who came to the U.S. as captain of a trading ship that sunk. Divers found his ring and donates it to the naval museum in Andover. Bobby reluctantly asks him for help getting it. Rufus agrees and figures that Bobby plans to exchange the ghost of Gavin for his soul.

That night, Bobby gets a call from Dean. Dean assures him that they killed the lamia, but tells him that Sam is different. Before Bobby can respond, he gets another call. Bobby says that it's more important than Sam and takes the call: it's Rufus, who has the ring but is being pursued by the police. Rufus swallows the ring against Bobby's advice before the police pull him over. Bobby then gets back to Dean, who insists that Bobby is the only person he can talk to. When he tells Dean that it isn't a good time, Dean angrily says that Bobby is being selfish. Bobby has Dean bring Sam in, and then tells them over the speakerphone that they're the whiniest SOBs he's ever met, and that he has issues of his own. They tell him that they're there for him.

The next day, Bobby meets with Sheriff Mills and asks her to get Rufus extradited for murder. She warns him that it will take out every favor she's got, and that Rufus will still be in jail for murder. Bobby says he'll handle it, and reminds her that he's done a lot for the town. He admits that he's not good at asking for help, and Mills tells him that she can't.

That night, Bobby is at home when Mills shows up with Rufus, and tells him that he's got one hour to let Rufus escape. Once she leaves, Rufus produces the ring from his pocket, and Bobby goes to boil some water.

Bobby prepares a ritual circle around Gavin's ring and summons the spirit, and tells him that they're going to have a chat.

Later, Bobby summons Crowley, who appears within a Devil's Sign. Crowley is unimpressed, and admits that rulership of Hell isn't all it's cracked up to be. The demons don't want a better way, and Crowley admits that Lucifer's plan to destroy the demons might have been a good idea. He then tells Bobby he won't be getting his soul back, and Bobby summons Gavin. Crowley briefly fakes grief, but then tells Bobby that he hates Gavin and Bobby is welcome torture him. In response, Bobby explains that he used the ghost to get dirt on Crowley, and that Gavin was glad to oblige. Gavin says that he told Bobby everything and disappears, and Bobby says that he knows where Crowley's human corpse is buried. He tosses Crowley a cell phone: Dean is on the other end, and tells him that he and Sam are in Scotland at the graveyard where Crowley's body is buried. They've dug up his bones, and are ready to burn them if Crowley doesn't return Bobby's soul, and the continued use of his legs. Crowley has no choice but to agree, and then teleports to Scotland to collect his bones. Dean considers burning them anyway, but Sam intervenes. Crowley tells them to get bent and leaves with his bones.

As Dean and Sam drive back, Bobby calls and thanks them for his help. He apologizes for earlier, and they admit that he was right. Bobby cuts off before things get to sentimental, and tries to eat his peach cobbler. The phone rings and Bobby goes back to work.

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