What is and What Should Never Be Trivia

Dean uses a sterling silver dinner knife when trying to kill the Djinn. Most sterling silver dinner knives have steel blades, since silver is a soft metal and isn't suitable for significant cutting use.
Fantasy-Sam is rather cold and disinterested toward Dean's overtures of friendship. But Dean clearly wants to be friends with him. If the fantasy is intended to give Dean what he wants to keep him enraptured, Sam should react the way Dean wants him to from the start. Alternately, if Dean subconsciously doesn't want Sam to be his friend, then fantasy-Sam shouldn't come around later as he does. Everything else in the fantasy reacts the way Dean wants it to, so fantasy-Sam not reacting the way Dean wants him to doesn't make sense.
"Djinn" is misspelled "Jinn" in the close-captioning throughout the episode. The book Sam reads uses the word "Djinn" so clearly that was intended as the correct spelling.
Carmen is the model in the El Sol beer ad that Dean looks at in the magazine at the end. El Sol was the beer the fantasy Carmen offered him earlier.
There are several 'goofs" that occur in Dean's new life which may be Goofs, or may be his subconscious efforts to indicate something is wrong. They include
1) The Winchester's house has the numbers reversed from those seen in "Home": they are 1481 here, but 1841 in "Home";

2) When Dean watches the TV in the middle of the night the KJLT timestamp says it's 9 a.m. central;
3) the newspaper headline about the one-year anniversary of the airplane crash says its December 5, 2005, but Dean is seen earlier mowing the yard; and

4) the lawnmower Dean uses to mow the lawn has no blades.

5) When Dean wakes up in his mother’s house we get to see photography of their family. Young Dean in the photography does not look anything like the kid that played him in other episodes.

In Dean's fantasy, the Impala has a new Kansas license plate number: RMD 5H2
During the scene at the cemetery, twice you can hear Dean talking but his mouth isn't moving.
Dean's address in his fantasy is #53 Barker Ave, Lawrence, KS, 66044.
During Dean's fantasy, he is wearing a silver necklace, rather than the amulet he normally wears.

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