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Anasazi symbols Angel lore Changeling Crocotta Djinn Grim reaper Hand of Glory Hellhounds Imaginary friend Mirror Folklore Numbers Phantom Travelers Poltergeist Premonition Psychic Abilities Rabbit’s foot Rakshasa Rougarou Scarecrows Shape Shifters Shtriga Spirits Telekinesis – Psychokinesis The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Time Travel Trickster Tulpa Vampires Vanir Wendigos Witches Werewolves Woman In White Zombie


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Supernatural Lore

Back to Supernatural Library LORE Here you can find a list of some of the lore seen on Supernatural. From Ghosts, Djinns, and Imaginary Friends, to Rawheads, Shapeshifters and Zombies! Included in this section: Lore List; Demonology; Legends, Myths & Stories LORE BY SEASON Curious about what the Winchester bros fought in a particular episode?…

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Back to Supernatural Fan Wiki Home SUPERNATURAL LORE Learn about some of the lore and legends of Supernatural. Included in this section: Lore List; Demonology; Legends, Myths & Stories; ABC of SPN Lore!! Season 1; ABC of SPN Lore- Season 2; ABC of SPN Lore Season 3; ABC of SPN Lore – Season 4; Your…