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    October 4, 2021 at 12:46 pm #10170

    I greatly enjoyed this one. Kate made a comment in the last one (Hollywood Babylon) about how Dean fits in everywhere. As a PA there and a prisoner here. Learning how to use cigarettes and currency…figuring out how things work. When Sam asks if he’s at all disturbed how well he fits in there, he says no. He learns to adapt everywhere! I love that about him here.

    I remember, on first watch, I didn’t guess who Deacon was and I was VERY nervous when the warden pulled them aside and told the other guard to leave. I thought they were going to get a serious beating. I remember on first watch that reveal surprised me.

    Again, not loving the ghost aspect. Very similar ghost behavior to the episode right before it (just there to be vengeful and scary).

    I was with Sam on this one. Thought it was an incredibly risky plan. Especially when Hendrickson got involved. I thought they watered-down Hendrickson a bit here. Didn’t love that. He was SCARY when he first appeared in the earlier episode and knew so much about them. Here, he seems kinda stupid. I did love that the lawyer saw fit to misdirect him though and that little bit of suspense in the graveyard at the end is really effective. Kind of not believable that the lawyer would go do what seems like nonsensical research to her. Are we supposed to believe that Dean is just THAT GOOD at getting what he wants from women?

    Poor Clif/Tiny; killed by a ghost.

    Why did the ghost always just go to the next target? I thought she was there to keep the rules intact. She went for Dean, then he hit her with salt, and she immediately seemed to go after Tiny for no reason.

    I liked that Dean actually had to have a bruise for a lot of this. They always heal too quickly to believe it.

    Again, Jensen stole the show for me here, acting like prison was no big deal and having full confidence in having to repay one of his father’s debts to a good friend. He’s be running the place if he really were incarcerated.

    Not very believable that the IMPALA would be waiting for them once Deacon lets them escape! But okay.

    Again, loved the “extra” drama at the end in the graveyard when they essentially escape a second time.

    Good character actor in the “long time convict” that Sam talks to while mopping the floor.

    Not a bad one.