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    October 22, 2021 at 1:49 pm #10499

    Ahh…this is the first time we hear “Carry On” in a season finale. That song will never be the same for me. It will always have meaning and will always make me a little sad. 🙁

    I remember Jensen giving an interview and saying that he told the director he’d only be able to do Sam’s death-bed scene once, because of how emotional it was. So, the director and director of photography lined up all the cameras to get the angles they needed for that scene. If I recall, Jensen did John’s gravesite scene in “What Is and What Should Never Be” all in a single shot, too. I can’t say it enough times. Jensen Ackles deserves about a dozen Emmys for his performances in Supernatural over the 15 seasons. It’s a shame that he’ll likely never be truly recognized for the amazing actor he is. Maybe in future projects, or maybe he’ll be recognized for his directing someday.

    It’s heartbreaking that Dean felt he’d let Sam and John down somehow. I hate that he blames himself for things that are far beyond his control.

    By the way, the lighting in that death bed scene was spot on. It highlighted Jensen’s face perfectly. I also love all the Kim Manners’ close-ups in this one. They make me smile and miss him…

    I LOVE the backstory about Samuel Colt and the devil’s trap. That’s so ingenious! Question: Did Colt’s railway fail? The demons blasted through it, right?

    Another question: When Dean gets to the crossroads, Lloyd’s bar isn’t there. Do you guys think that was an oversight? I guess we’re supposed to believe that Dean found another crossroad that just happened to have enough loose gravel so he could dig a hole with his bare hands. Okay…

    Sigh…I hate to watch that crossroad deal scene because it’s so gut-wrenching. We know Dean’s going to make the deal, but THE WHOLE TIME, I’m still screaming internally for him to not do it. And the demon is so cruel and seductive. “It’s a fire sale and everything must go.” Like I said, I hate watching that scene because of the consequences. But the scene itself is so well done in every respect that I can’t hate the scene. The actress totally delivered. And of course, Jensen did too.

    I can’t say enough wonderful things about Bobby. He loves his boys so much. That scene when he confronts Dean about the deal is beautiful. He’s furious that Dean put himself in such grave danger, but his rage clearly comes from a place of love and protection. Yes, Dean’s self esteem at that point was already in the abyss. He’d never stopped blaming himself for John’s death, and now he blamed himself for being unable to protect Sam. When Dean says he had to do it so his life would mean something, and Bobby says “It didn’t before?!” – Oh, my heart. I just love Bobby! Jim Beaver is a treasure.

    When Azazel was taunting Dean in the graveyard, he implied that what was resurrected might not have been “100% Sam”. Do you guys think the writers were initially going to take the story that way but changed their minds between seasons 2 and 3? Or do you think that was just a misdirect? I’m curious, because early in season 3 (“Sin City”, I think), Dean asks Bobby the same thing about Sam. It really made me wonder. And wouldn’t it have been VERY Interesting if the story had actually gone that way?

    That iconic scene when John returns and Dean kills Azazel is just wonderful! Only John Winchester could claw his way out of hell — after being relentlessly tortured for 100 years — to help his boys…again. Then, John gets the reward of going to heaven, after a silent but powerful farewell to his sons. Sigh…all the feels. I know lots of fans don’t like John Winchester; but I think he’s just a misunderstood character. He never stopped loving his sons and fighting for them. Even the grave and hell itself couldn’t stop that. Like I said…all the feels.


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