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    October 22, 2021 at 3:08 pm #10504

    This one is STILL hard to watch! The first time one of them died. I remember back then how dire that felt! I did enjoy seeing many of the “special children” again including some new ones. Hate that the lesbian had to die first! Also hate that Andy had to die. I did love that Andy stayed “good” until the end. Whereas Ava went “bad” – kind of like Andy’s late twin brother – deciding she’d rather control demons in order to come out on top. This was disappointing as Ava WAS a very sympathetic character. She was tricking Sam all along with the “I don’t know how long I’ve been here” routine.

    Jake was a good character addition. And he’s a very skilled actor, Aldis Hodge, who went on to do much bigger things. He was good as a very wary “special child”. I liked that they threw in the bit about him being a soldier as he thought differently about the situation because of that. Having superhuman strength as his gift was kinda unfair to the others! How could that not give him an unfair advantage?

    I enjoyed watching Sam try to lead the group. As Jake pointed out; Sam was holding it together to keep everyone else calm.

    I always thought it was weird that they ended up in an old western town for this. That Yellow Eyes sent them all THERE. They even called it “Frontierland” in this episode and I’m pretty sure it’s the same place they actually used FOR Frontierland so many years later!

    The beginning where Sam goes into the cafe and never comes out is one of the most heart-dropping moments; when Dean realizes he’s gone and everyone else in there is dead. And it starts out so lightheartedly with Dean yelling after Sam not to forget the pie! That is the world’s smallest Cafe!

    Sam’s death is awful. He’s SO relieved to see Dean. You can see it all over his face (great job, Jared!) and then he’s killed right in front of Dean; mere steps from Dean being able to save him. It’s truly horrible. I was glad Bobby was with Dean, but Dean trying to talk to Sam as if he’ll be okay, then the full-on panic setting in…Jensen did a masterful job. SO GOOD! And so horrible.