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Oh yeah! I almost forgot to mention that this was the end of the Roadhouse in this episode! So much happened in this one! I hated that Ash died. He had such an impact for appearing in so few episodes. I was very glad that Ellen got away. But hated that the Roadhouse was gone and thus starts (or continues if you count their childhood home) the writer’s quest to strip every bit of refuge from Sam and Dean. Eventually it would be Bobby’s house too.

And the flashback! I thought the glimpse that Sam had and the reveal that Mary knew Yellow Eyes was intriguing at the time. Another rather shocking clue that we wouldn’t learn more about for awhile. I liked that SPN did that early on; they had a plan and only fed us a bit of the story at a time. No long expositions; we’d find out later.

Kate; you’re so observant and want to tie everything together. Perhaps you are right, that Sam and Dean were only Lucifer’s “flavor of the month” in another attempt to break the seal after others (including John) had failed?