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    When Azazel was taunting Dean in the graveyard, he implied that what was resurrected might not have been “100% Sam”. Do you guys think the writers were initially going to take the story that way but changed their minds between seasons 2 and 3? Or do you think that was just a misdirect? I’m curious, because early in season 3 (“Sin City”, I think), Dean asks Bobby the same thing about Sam. It really made me wonder. And wouldn’t it have been VERY Interesting if the story had actually gone that way?

    I always thought they left the door open a little to potentially make Sam semi-evil? Didn’t I read that in an interview somewhere that Kripke didn’t intend at the beginning that the brothers would necessarily end up on the same side?

    I do think that Azazel was just messing with Dean, but I also think that the writers kept some doubt in Dean’s mind for a long while, maybe even after his stint in Hell.