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    “Dean looks genuinely surprised when she keeps talking him down in terms of years of life on the contract. All the way down to one. I DO like that this “secret” was not drawn out. That by the end of this episode, he tells Sam what he did. I wish this trend would have continued on this show!”

    Man, I SO agree with this! I can’t remember who said it — Bob Singer, maybe? But later in the show, around season 10, one of the producers said something about how “secrets are no longer interesting as plot devices”. After that point, the brothers tended to keep fewer secrets from each other. But I’m with you! I wish they’d started sooner. Even in season 9, I 100% agree that Dean made the right choice when he let Sam get angel-possessed. My only criticism of Dean is that I wish he’d told Sam about it sooner. I know he wanted to several times, but Ezekiel/Gadreel talked him out of it. Yes, if Dean had confessed in 9×1 or 9×2, Sam would’ve dropped dead and Dean would’ve made some sort of terrible deal to resurrect him. In the end, the story line likely wouldn’t have been that different except there wouldn’t have been yet another secret.