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    “I have softened a lot over the years regarding John’s way of raising the boys. I never doubted his love for them, but I do still think he failed them miserably many times and although he “did his best” it wasn’t good enough in many places. I think the older I get the more I see how hard live is for so many people and how much is out of one’s control and that has helped me be more sympathetic to John. And to see here that he crawled his way out of hell and help his sons to defeat the freaking monster that had sent them all down this road to begin with was cathartic and a great story point!!!”

    Yep, John Winchester is arguably the most controversial character in the whole series. I’ve always liked John. He clearly wasn’t perfect, but I don’t think he was a bad father. I just think he was a guy who didn’t have any good choices, so he picked the least terrible options available. I could write a book in defense of John Winchester — LOL!