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    November 14, 2021 at 1:32 pm #10952

    Creepy monster children are always a fun ride!

    Question: The woman who drove her car into the lake – how was she planning to explain that? Maybe she lost control of the car with her daughter in the back seat, but wouldn’t you call the cops? She just walked home like nothing had happened.

    I love that Lisa remembered Dean after their very brief experience 8 years earlier, and that she talked him up to her friends — “THE Dean”. I love even more that Dean remembered her so fondly. After all the one-night stands Dean likely had over an 8-year period, when he realized his death was imminent he wanted to find Lisa and reconnect with her. It’s sweet. She clearly meant something to him, and I like that. Aside from Cassie, we don’t meet any women that Dean allowed himself to develop feelings for. Knowing that he likely never stopped having feelings for Lisa makes me feel better about his life somehow. Yes, one night stands are convenient and probably fun, but empty. I like knowing that Dean had a chance for more than that.

    I like that Ben got to see Dean being a hero and saving everybody. I’m glad that Ben isn’t Dean’s son, though. As much as family meant to Dean, I think Dean would’ve made some very different choices if Ben had been his son. I like that the writers didn’t choose to go there.

    One of the most important elements of this episode is rarely mentioned by fans. In the months and years following Mary’s murder, every friend and family member in her orbit was systematically eliminated by demons. John would’ve known that. It makes even more sense that John took his kids and ran, kept them on the road, used assumed names and did everything to keep his children and himself under the radar. He probably thought they’d be next. To me, that’s just one more example of John being misunderstood by the fandom. I don’t think he was a bad father — just a guy with no good choices.

    I really like the Ruby reveal at the very end. I remember being shocked the first time I saw that, because Ruby could’ve just been another hunter. Why would a demon have a knife that killed other demons? That scene between Ruby and Sam was nicely paced and executed.

    Looking forward, once I knew Ruby was a demon, I didn’t trust her or believe that she’d be willing to save Dean, but I wanted to believe that something or someone could. Gosh! Season 3 was just a rollercoaster of crushed hopes and dreams. (Whimper…)