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    January 16, 2022 at 12:26 pm #11965

    There’s something so warm and reassuring about that first scene at Bobby’s house, when Bobby is working on the Colt and Dean is making bullets. I love the banter, the closeups of Jensen (he looks fabulous with his hair short) and the feel of that entire scene. I miss Bobby’s house and miss them all being together like that. (sigh…)

    This episode may have been the first time when I noticed obvious fear in Dean’s eyes at the thought of going to hell. It’s interesting that this glimpse of his vulnerability came at a time when he was talking to a demon, of all things.

    Speaking of demons, it’s interesting that Ruby immediately started trying to win over Bobby and Dean, as if she knew she wouldn’t be able to sway Sam without their cooperation (or at least without them both agreeing to not interfere). I don’t think it ever completely worked – Dean never trusted her, and Bobby was simply trying to cooperate long enough to keep Dean alive. But it’s interesting that she knew they were a vital part of the equation. Of course, that TOTALLY changes later, but I’ll discuss that when we get to season 4.

    Richie was a fun and silly caricature (being from “Joisey” myself, I’m only a little offended — 🙂 ), but it was nice to get a glimpse of what Dean’s life was like during those missing years when Sam was away.

    Question: Dean and Sam learned in season 1 that the holy water splash test doesn’t work on all demons, because Azazel was able to possess John, but was unaffected by holy water. But in this episode, they seem to think the holy water test is adequate. This was AFTER they’d opened the devil’s gate and released some of the most powerful demons there are.
    Also, I get that Dean tracked Richie’s GPS to find Casey’s house, but when did he have a chance to sneak into Casey’s house, plant the devil’s trap, find Richie, and salt and burn his body?

    Aren’t demons inside devil’s traps supposed to be powerless? Otherwise, they could just fling you across the room and crush your skull. How was Casey able to summon wind, etc.?

    This is the second time it’s been suggested that what got resurrected may not have been 100% normal Sam. I wonder if the writers were initially going in that direction, but changed their minds. Or was it always intended to be a misdirect?


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