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    January 29, 2022 at 4:41 pm #12156

    NOPE, sorry to say….still not a favorite.

    I figured out (with your help, guys) that I feel uncomfortable and sad with this one because it’s the first time Dean actually shows that he’s way more concerned about hell than he’s let on so far. Jensen is so darn good at showing the subtle signs of terror Dean is experiencing that it gets totally under my skin.

    Yes, the scene in the cellar is great and we get a lot of new info out of it, but the rest of the story in this episode just doesn’t interest me, so the cellar scene stands sadly alone.

    I do enjoy the bits between Sam and Ruby quite a bit, though. They have a nice tension between them that is refreshingly NOT sexual. Ruby is intriguing as a character and well played by the actress. However, the info Sam finds out about Mary’s friends being systematically killed was a total throw away as nothing ever happens with that info or do I remember that incorrectly?

    Anyhow. There were some very good parts and scenes in the episode but as a whole it left me bored.