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    February 9, 2022 at 11:57 am #12295

    I love Dean’s hatred of witches. Made me wonder where ELSE he’d encountered them before? With John? But all of his comments about them are hilarious. So funny how he WANTS to hunt werewolves but wants NOTHING to do with witches.

    I like how great Sam is at finding hex bags. Except the one that tries to take Dean down. GREAT acting job by Jensen there acting like he’s in pain and dying. Only to be saved by Ruby. So crafty, Ruby, getting into Dean’s good graces by saving him.

    I liked the misdirect of the demon. They were witches and as such their spells worked, but such a great idea that they were all kind of “pseudo” witches! Only in it for personal gain but not really “evil” and the real evil came from a demon who figured out how to pull one over on the other women by creating a coven. GREAT idea for an episode!

    The witch demon is truly great. The moment that Ruby enters the room and suggests they were at one time a romantic couple, she and the other demon; the reaction shot on Dean’s face is PRICELESS!

    I thought this one was an interesting intro to witches even though they turn out to not be “real” witches. Also, Dean gets to talk to Ruby alone and finds out that she doesn’t really have a way to get him out of his deal. Ruby was a very interesting character early-on. I LOVE Katie Cassidy’s Ruby so much. It’s hard to figure her because she’s being so honest here with Dean. She seems to really care. To WANT him and Sam to win even though we know eventually that it was all just to get them to do what she wanted. But she’s a true “gray area” and very interesting character to me.

    I also like the glimpse into how vulnerable Dean is here. He has fears about hell and asks Ruby about it. Just like he asked the demon in Sin City. it does not sound good. You can tell he’s starting to sweat it as his time grows shorter.