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    March 13, 2022 at 2:21 pm #12618

    MAN, Hendriksen is an a-hole. Yeah, yeah, I know…tough FBI man blah blah. He doesn’t have to be so condescending to the local cops though.

    I do appreciate him coming around after experiencing possession himself. Kinda hard to argue with that one. And by the end of this episode I was finally in a place where I would have liked to see him back at some point, now that he knew the truth. Oh well….
    I very much enjoyed the scene between Dean and Hendriksen when he complains about his boring job and they discover that they really are pretty much alike and in the same boat. You could see the respect for each other growing between them during that talk.

    The episode is intense. From Bela’s betrayal to the arrest to Dean being shot to being under siege in the police station to the revelation of Ruby that Sam knew about Lilith to Sam’s apparent acceptance of sacrificing an innocent life. The pace is fast and the mood ominous and claustrophobic.

    I thought it’s really low of Bela to alert the FBI!! Even for her. They are all existing and acting outside the law, she should pay them a little “professional” respect and keep it between them.

    I do love that Dean keeps his humor even in these dire circumstances. His little quips and his funny astonishment about Nancy being a virgin are very much Dean.

    The special effects of the demon cloud swooping in and “breaking” against the walls of the building is cool.

    Ruby is great in this episode as well. I love her matter of factness about her “solution” to the problem by killing a virgin. HA. I remember that I was wondering at the time why she would come to help them in the first place. Even if they had the colt, that would have been ONE gun against a large group of demons and most likely not enough. And then suggesting that she would be willing to kill herself to save them? What’s the motivation?

    Most disturbing in the episode to me is the way Sam seemed to be willing to go with Ruby’s plan. The argument between him and Dean about it really threw me off. I guess we are still supposed to wonder if Sam is really Sam? It struck me as very un-Sam-like that he so quickly considered killing one person in order to save the group outside especially as they weren’t even sure if the meatsuits of the group would be ok to live after the demons would get blown out of them. There was no guaranteed win here. It seemed off to me.

    Longest exorcism ever….but excellent idea!

    I wish Sam or Dean would have spoken up against Ruby at the very end though! Dean’s plan WAS the better one and saved way more people than it killed. Yes, Lilith killed everyone in the station, but it was “only” three people not half a dozen as the rest had been dead before the fight even started. Just taking a verbal beating from Ruby at the end was a little off character for me.

    Aside from that though it was a good episode.


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