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    June 8, 2022 at 4:48 pm #13694

    This one has so much of what makes Supernatural good. Of course all of Dean being scared is funny because it’s 100% against his brave/macho usual self. But it’s fun how it also brings out the honesty. “Who does this?!” their lives suck! It’s insane! I loved that part where Dean was suddenly like, “Nope! I’m out!” and wants to walk away.

    BUT, the story was so sad. Mentally deficient man…innocent…dragged to death by a jealous husband and turned into a vengeful spirit. So the man was an innocent victim but in order to banish his ghost they had to terrify his poor spirit AGAIN by dragging him AGAIN?! I thought that was particularly cruel and twisted and though it was great to see them working with Bobby (Sam needed to as Dean was mostly useless), it was a very dark story.

    Of course Jensen made it very funny. He’s so good at comedy and Jared is a great straight man to Jensen’s comedy as Sam. Perfect. The way Sam rolls his eyes but is pretty patient with Dean, considering. He really takes the case on himself and takes the lead.

    I have to admit I watched this a few weeks ago and never commented so I know I’m probably forgetting a bunch of good stuff!

    PigNaPoke? Remind me? I’ll comment again then.