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    June 11, 2022 at 7:34 pm #13720

    CHILLING one.

    At first I thought “case is kinda meh”, then they find out that it’s so much more than this and it gets really interesting.

    I feel horrible for Sam in this episode. He is so in awe when he meets Castiel. You can really see his hope and amazement that he has proof of his faith right there in front of him. And then it’s so quickly crushed by disappointment and disbelief at what DICKS angels turn out to be. And all that happens in the span of 2 minutes.

    Dean is back to his “screw the angels” attitude here and I love it. He doesn’t trust them and he’s proven right over and over again. But I do appreciate how he tells Sam not to give up his faith just because these two angels are crappy examples.

    Angels ARE scary in their indifference and “big picture” thinking. True warriors. Not sweating the small stuff like….well, an entire town full of people. Because “father” said so and they trust dad’s word.
    Interesting point…

    SUPER ballsy of Dean to bet on his status of having been saved for a purpose and stand against Cas and Uriel!!

    Then there is the twist in the plot where Cas and Uriel elude to some “true orders”. INTRIGUING! The story keeps jerking us around. Keeps us interested.

    Sam is so smart….or a good guesser, LOL. He gave it a shot. Love that.

    Kinda silly that people crawl out of the mausoleum vaults without at lease showing some splintering of wood of a coffin!

    I also find Sam’s return to using his powers interesting. He listened to Dean or the threat of the angels to give it up, but now that the angels and heaven as a whole seemingly lost his respect he’s straight back to utilizing the powers. He’s relapsing and Dean is SO disappointed and you can see how it does weigh on Sam, but he still thinks it’s necessary to be this powerful to defeat the greater evil.
    I always have and still do appreciate the parallels of Sam’s demon blood story line to real world struggles of addiction and think the show did a good job bringing to life how even family or the people you love most in the world sometimes don’t have enough hold on the addict to cancel out the lure of the “drug”. It is very scary and heartbreaking.

    UGH, for Uriel to twist the knife and tell Sam to ask Dean about Hell is super low!! I guess, he’s just interested in sewing more discord between them and hopes to get Sam to keep failing so he (Uriel) can smite him afterall? DICKS!

    The scene between Dean and Cas is great! Suddenly we learn Cas DOES have feelings and isn’t just a tool or weapon of God. This is the moment, I think, that shifts their relationship for future seasons.
    Of course it’s also infuriating that we find out that Dean is being “tested”. I mean….that’s pretty scary.

    Yeah, every time I watch this one I start off thinking “filler episode” and even if the case itself IS kinda “meh” what happens around it is pivotal for so many other reasons.