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    October 2, 2022 at 2:57 pm #20101

    I know we needed a lot of plot points from this episode but I was never a fan of this one.

    I DO agree that Misha did AMAZING work in this one! And the actress who played Amelia did as well.

    Still, sorry – unpopular opinion – I didn’t need to see the background story of Castiel/Jimmy. It didn’t reveal any great new concepts or information we needed to know. I made the whole angel concept even harder to swallow and just confirmed again that angels ARE dicks! And Cas is no exception.

    Was the whole point purely that Jimmy was deeply devout and believing and he got royally screwed? And that Cas didn’t keep his word to take care of Jimmy’s family? Why did we need to know that? Doesn’t make Cas exactly a sympathetic character.

    I also don’t want to think about that every angel’s vessel out there potentially has a confused, scared and angry family who was left behind and suffers, never understanding. (I don’t think I would have let the guy back in the door if I were the wife – btw – especially after his lame ass excuse that he was a mental clinic! And no one informed the family?)

    There’s was also no point to the reunion when they’re being ripped apart again, and Jimmy ultimately “disappears” again. And then Sam, Dean and Jimmy just LEAVE Claire and Amelia in the parking garage when they know demons were already on their trail? Seems VERY unlikely to me. Then the poor kid gets possessed by Castiel when we just heard it’s like being chained to a comet, just to be spit out again? (I don’t know how anyone doesn’t get why Claire is a tough acting girl with a giant chip on her shoulder….after this experience, it’s easy to understand.) And in the end Cas shows back up IN Jimmy as a complete asshat?

    The whole episode seemed like unnecessary cruelty to me.

    The most interesting parts in this episode for me were to see Sam starting to really suffer withdrawal symptoms and finally completely sliding down the deep hole of addiction. That was effective and creepy. Especially how he can’t control himself at the end drinking straight from the demon even though Dean is RIGHT THERE. WOW. Dean’s stone-faced attitude in the car on the ride to Bobby’s place is chilling. You can see the hurt underneath but also the strength to do what needs doing….I remember watching it the first time around that I was scared to find out what that was going to be….