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      I already watched this one, so will start this thread and comment.

      I remember when I first watched this episode, I was so impressed with the job that Misha did on this one. At that moment, I thought, “Wow, Misha could anchor a show; he could be the star.” He did such an incredible job portraying Jimmy who could not have been more different from Cas. He seemed so natural as Cas, it was hard to believe that he could “be” someone else, but of course he could! He’s an actor!

      I really felt for Jimmy. Sure the was doing the holy thing. Then wanting nothing to do with it after his year was over. Then realizing it was too late to get out. This episode gave me whiplash with the demons and angels jumping from body to body and you never really knew who was who. It was so complex.

      And it reminded me that this is really not at all a happy show. So sad that Jimmy had to leave his family. I thought the woman who played his wife did an exceptional job too. So very believable. Then she had to slap her daughter when she was possessed! That was shocking when she had previously been so sweet (I know; possessed).

      This was a rare instance where Jared and Jensen were not in this one very much and yet, it was excellent because Misha blew me away. He had the full range of emotions. The fight scenes were great (when the neighbor turns out to be a demon). Just really good.

      And then at the end. Dean acting so calm with Sam. The shock of Sam drinking the demon blood to power up and the look on Dean’s face to see him like that…Sam wanting Dean to punish him for it in some way and Dean refusing; only to lock him up inside Bobby’s panic room. UGH.

      REALLY not a happy show.

      But really good.

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