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    October 2, 2022 at 4:56 pm #20110

    LOVE Bobby’s speech at the beginning!!! Yes, Dean is tired and has all the right to be hurt by what Sam’s done, but Bobby’s right….no time for self-pity, when Sam needs help more than ever. And I can’t believe Dean would’ve truly given up on Sam.

    Ah, the beautiful room! Funny reference on “Suite Life of Zach and Cas” BEFORE Kim joined the cast. HAHA
    It’s interesting that Zach has not yet learned the lesson and still underestimates Dean telling him too much, really. He should know by now that the Winchesters always find a way through – or in this case out. Really shows the angels’ arrogance.

    I always LOVED the way the room changes when Zach reveals what’s really going on is all out. The lighting the décor the hues – it’s really well done.

    I still think THE voicemail should have been addressed at some point. Dean means what he says here and Sam never hears it! That’s so wrong.

    That actress playing the nurse-demon sure can scream!

    I’ve always been really happy that Sam struggles all along the final road with his doubts, that he isn’t just Robo Sam going for glory. Until the damn voice mail pushes him over the edge.

    The scenes between Dean and Zach and then Dean and Cas are SO GOOD – all around.

    I loved the choice they made in having Dean being forced to TALK it out – with Zach to figure things out and with Cas to convince him to help – and not fight in order to get out of the room.

    Of course, I’m happy that Cas came around to Dean’s side, but it is a little fast after he just screwed them over. I would have liked to see a little more doubt from Cas or for us to know WHERE he found out about Lilith BEING the last seal. His quick back and forth between being on the Winchester’s side then on Heaven’s side and then back with the Winchesters just shows him to be scarily immature and too easily influenced.

    Very funny if short involvement of Chuck in this one, too! Ordering phone sex because he knows the apocalypse is starting is hilarious. And I love how he put the hand on Cas’ shoulder and then takes is away when Cas stares at him.

    However, I always wondered how Cas got out of the situation with whichever Archangel was coming to save Chuck?

    VERY satisfying to see the Winchesters kill Ruby!