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Damn Cas…after I watched this I realized the chain of events is really all CAS’ FAULT! He let Sam out to fulfill his role in the path to heaven’s hoped-for Lucifer/Michael death match. AND in the next episode he gets Dean there to stop Sam a day late and dollar short! Cas’ struggles with loyalty basically screwed everyone! Okay, okay, Dean in hell torturing souls was supposed to be the first domino to fall. But Cas KNEW the plan and knowingly let it happen and HELPED it happen by letting Sam out and we’ll discuss the rest in the next episode.

Sam’s hallucinations were interesting. The worst was his greatest fear of Dean abandoning him and him seeing Dean basically throwing him away as a “monster”. It was horrible. Kudos to Jensen for playing that up extra-cruel in the panic room! And interesting that Sam believed that Mary was on his side. Or were all of the hallucinations put there by Ruby just to make sure Sam would seal the deal and do HER bidding to free Lucifer? Obviously she had to drive Sam and Dean apart for it to have any chance of happening.

The pain in Dean’s face listening to Sam detox is horrible.

PigNaPoke; very interesting point about Allastair! That Sam is taking on Dean’s pain as he had no firsthand experience with Allastair torture. Also true that Sam didn’t HAVE to have Ruby with him…he seemed to actually somewhat trust her, which was, of course misplaced as Dean is almost always right about everything.

That final scene. UGH! That’s why it took me weeks to finally watch this one. Dean just looks destroyed; on the edge of tears trying to reason with Sam, then finally crying, then resorting to violence. Sam pleading with Dean; that super-hopeful look he has when he asks Dean to come “with him” and Dean says fine as long as Ruby is gone and Sam just will not agree to that. It kills them both! Sam that Dean won’t come with Ruby and Dean that Sam won’t do it without her. The whole scene is so gut-wrenching and so perfectly acted. Those barely-held-in-check emotions on BOTH sides; HOW do they DO that?!?!

Also love Bobby here. Unsure as to whether or not what they are doing is right.