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    I think it’s Zach who changed the voicemail to Sam! When he talks to Dean and says that he has nudged Sam in the right direction (paraphrasing) to make sure he fulfills his role and I think he means the voicemail.
    (It ALWAYS bugged me that they never addressed that at any time afterwards and cleared the air about it!)

    I never liked the Dumbo reference from Ruby! It was misplaced imo and that movie is SO HORRIBLE I didn’t want it to have any place in SPN.

    VERY GOOD point about Sam seeing by Dean’s action that he hasn’t given up on him! It honestly never occurred to me. I always thought Sam would assume Dean is just there to do the job. Sam looks SO devastated and sad at the end when he says he’s sorry, like he doesn’t think there is forgiveness for his mistake. But maybe he gained hope back now that Dean was there.

    It’s an awful situation with one brother betting on the angels and the other betting on a demon in their desperation to do prevent Lucifer’s rising and BOTH being wrong in their choices and get fucked over in the process.
    I still remember thinking (after watching it the first time) that NOW Sam and Dean will understand that they are best TOGETHER counting on each other….Well….that took a while longer. LOL