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    I`m new here, but I would love to talk about the show and thought I do it rather here than on the Twitter battlefield. About me, I love Supernaturaland I love Sam and Dean, so that will probably affect my opinion about the Winchesters a bit.

    I have promised myself not to judge or being biased before I have even watched the show. And I did that yesterday. What can I say, I enjoyed watching it, I clearly don`t feel about it like I feel about Supernatural, but I thought the show is entertaining.

    The characters work for me, some more, some less and that is the most important part for me. I had a problem with Mary in the beginning, but it got better during the episode, so I`m hopeful.

    I enjoyed all the little easter eggs and the music and it is just nice to see something that plays in the Supernatural universe.

    But of course, there were also things that I didn’t like so much. For example, I don’t know if it is a good idea to let the viewer that much in the dark about where Dean is and why Sam isn`t with him. I get that the show is not about the brothers, but about John and Mary. But if they bring Dean then I want to know why and why he is alone.

    I suppose they want to stretch that a bit. But I`m not sure if that this is the best idea. People might get bored. I remembered that in one of the interviews at the NYCC Jensen and Danneel mentioned something about How I Met Your Mother. I think it was that Jensen likes that show and I was wondering if it is something like that what they have in mind. Telling us stories every week but not revealing what all of this is about.

    I have no doubt that it will make sense in the end, but I personally think I would enjoy more knowing in what direction this is heading. I mean we know the ending anyway, if they keep the promise not to change the canon. But I will definitely keep watching. I watch a lot of shows I like and do not love like I love Supernatural and still enjoy watching them. So, I will do that and hope for a real reboot someday.