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    • journalbookbinder
        October 10, 2022 at 1:48 pm #20889

        It’s time! We’ve been out of the Supernatural world for a couple of years now. I miss it. I want more. I want Robbie Thompson’s writing and Jensen at the helm approving the story (I do hope we’ll hear or see or at least have Dean talk about Sam too; it’s not Supernatural without both of them and I love knowing that Jared has talked to some of the new cast members about the Supernatural family).

        For me, these cast members will be new so I look forward to seeing them as these characters only, not something they previously played. Jared and Jensen were also new to me when I first started watching Supernatural in 2005.

        I love what Robbie Thompson gave us on Supernatural. It seems that all involved with this project have true love for this universe, especially Drake who watched Supernatural growing up. I truly want it to succeed and bring a whole new generations of fans to this show as well as making them want to go back and watch 15 seasons of the best show ever created.

        Let’s talk about it! The good, the bad, the confusing, the canon problems (and, hopefully, clever “fixes”), getting to hear and see Dean again, the surprising…everything. Let’s go do what we passionate fans in the SPN Family love to do!

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      • PigNaPoke
          October 10, 2022 at 1:48 pm #21013

          SUPER EXCITED!!! All around.

          I completely trust the creative talent behind the new series. Every single person talking about it over the last few months and even more so at NYC COMIC CON last weekend, from Jensen and Danneel to Robbie, Meg and Drake, are so super concerned about it being both NEW and FAMILIAR and NOT interfering with what we already know as canon – it’s heartwarming and makes me expect an outstanding product.

          How perfect that Drake (John W.) is already a huge fan of the “mothership” series of SUPERNATURAL? He has so many thoughtful things to say in his interviews about what he wants to bring to his portrayal of John.

          Robbie Thompson is a genius! I loved his episodes and especially his “creations” of Charlie and Eileen, so I have high hopes for the new characters in The Winchesters such as Carlos and Lata and also for interesting insight into John and Mary’s characters and history.

          And I have to say that New Orleans is my favorite city in the U.S. for its history, vibe, people, atmosphere and culture so having THAT as a back drop for the show – as it is filming there – is the total cherry on the top for me.

          CANNOT WAIT to see what’s in store for the “Core Four” (as the bts peeps call Mary, John, Carlos and Lata) and for us as an audience on this new ride IN A VAN! LOL


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        • Tigerlili
            October 10, 2022 at 1:48 pm #21023

            Having seen the pilot and the panel afterwards at NYCC, I am nothing but excited about this prequel! After seeing the first episode, and listening to the questions and answers from both the interviewer and attendees, the concerns that I did have before-hand (will this be revisionist? will the tone/style fit in with “the mothership”?) were laid to rest. I have confidence so far that this prequel and the SPN legacy before it are in good hands. The folks in charge of this are very protective of the SPN legacy, and are very invested in “getting it right”, according to what I heard. And the pilot is cool as hell, imho. I can’t wait to see more!

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            • PigNaPoke
                October 10, 2022 at 1:48 pm #21047

                WELCOME, TIGERLILLY!!!! SOOOO good to have new commentators!!!

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              • kate38
                  October 10, 2022 at 1:48 pm #21094

                  Hi, Tigerlili!
                  Welcome to the wiki 🙂

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              • kate38
                  October 10, 2022 at 1:48 pm #21032

                  Hey, Y’all!!

                  I really tried to go into this series with no expectations, and to allow Jensen and Robbie to execute their vision and tell the story they wanted to tell. For me, the result was borderline. I don’t know whether to be optimistic or not at this point, but it left me a bit flat.
                  First, there were some things I liked:

                  I respect the creative minds behind this show. I was glad to see McG and a few other familiar names.

                  I liked the little shout-outs and Easter eggs that these guys knew Supernatural fans would notice. Robbie has always been good at that. Some of them were subtle, like David Nutter’s name on a file folder, Samuel Campbell’s initials on his gear bag, etc. I loved hearing “Americana” at the end when John’s mother is telling John that when he has his own kids, he’ll understand how you’ll do anything for them. “Americana” will forever be Dean’s theme song for me. It felt so appropriate right then.

                  I like John’s mother. They’re implying that, since Henry disappeared when John was a kid, it was his mother who taught him about fixing cars. How COOL is THAT!? I LOVE that. I also love how this show is approaching John as a character. As much as I loved Supernatural, a lot of fans walked away with a negative (and often unfair) opinion about John. I’ve heard Jensen and even JDM comment more than once that they’d like to do something about that. I like that, although John is clearly not in charge or driving the story at this point, we’re experiencing a lot of the action through his eyes and being allowed to immerse ourselves in his perspective as he returns from a horrible war and starts trying to sort out his life. Right now, John is the most relatable character in the show for me.

                  I like the tone of the show — glad to see some classic rock return, and I think the locations they chose for filming capture the right atmosphere for small-town Kansas and New Orleans.

                  To the show’s credit, the list of things I didn’t like is much shorter:

                  I don’t like Mary. She’s rude, abrasive, and comes across too much like Buffy the vampire slayer. She says she wants to get out of the life, but she’s clearly the one running her own little Scooby gang, since they all seem to fall in line and do what she says. I don’t find her to be as authentic or relatable as John is.

                  The front end of the episode felt too clunky with exposition. I get that they have to tell us a lot of things so we understand where we are, but it didn’t feel “organic”.

                  I’m on the fence about Carlos and the librarian. They’re coming across as typical, CW-plastic, stereotypical characters. I hope they get better.

                  Some of the elements concerning the demons were just silly. We saw one demon literally fall into a vat of holy water, but he was barely singed. But another demon was SOOOOO incapacitated by a few sprinkles from a water gun that the demon literally writhed on the ground long enough to be surrounded by a salt circle and exorcised by a novice. Really!?!!? What happened to demons using telekinesis to fling people across the room or pin them to the wall? The demons just seemed weak and NOT at all scary in this show. The loup-garou was so-so; a dude in a suit…okay, fine I guess.

                  Anyway, I said I’d give it 3 or 4 episodes to convince me, and I still plan to do that. I just hope it gets better quickly. I SO want it to do well, for Jensen’s sake. But so far, it hasn’t grabbed me.


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                • journalbookbinder
                    October 10, 2022 at 1:48 pm #21039

                    Wow! Okay…some I really liked and some not so much. Overall; I want to see more. Overall, I liked this.

                    I’ll get the complaints out of the way first. It’s the trend now in so many shows, but I detest music under EVERYTHING (instrumental music). I had this problem near the end of Supernatural too.

                    On the other hand, I LOVED the use of the music from that era. That was awesome.

                    John sure signed on to all of this very quickly and without much fear or wonder at the fact that monsters are real. I can kind of let that go because he saw so much action and violence and horrible stuff in Vietnam…but monsters are different and I would think it would kind of shake your world view. I really loved that he saw the ghost of his dead friend in the backseat…I want a bit more creepiness like that. That felt very real and personal; must more scary than the rather alien “guard dog” in the crypt.

                    I was not in love with how “Indiana Jones” the first few minutes and “box retrieval” scenes were…but we know Jensen loves Indiana Jones.

                    I do love the look of the show! It’s somehow like “warm dark” – very distinctive in color and tone and I really love that. The sets like the MOL bunker (this version) and the bookstore are so rich in detail; really nice. Love the use of the New Orleans cemeteries. The Manners postcard on the bookstore bulletin board…awwww.

                    Characters. John/Drake is instantly likable and charming. Loved how he and Mary were sneaking peeks at each other. I like Mary more than I thought I would. Their talk in the car on the way to Texas was good (and so SPN) – made her more human. I liked Lata’s sweet counterpoint to Mary’s tough wariness. And Carlos. I need to get more depth in Carlos but I am SURE we will. LOVE having a rather nonbinary character like that. Once I get some more serious episodes for Carlos, I’ll like his comic relief better. I did like the serious scene of Carlos and John in the van – that was good and I hope for more of that. Gave me a hint of how good Carlos could be.

                    Did Mary just leave her car in TX and jump into Carlos’ van????

                    I like Millie quite a bit. I want more subtle scenes for her though (everything was very emotional for her here, but that makes sense with John coming home from war).

                    Not sure how I feel about the big threat/monster. But we’ll see where that goes; the thing the box was going to be used to trap (besides demons).

                    Dean. We did not learn WHERE Dean is narrating from yet. Heaven? I kind of hoped for that as he waits for Sam. But maybe it’s from the years post-Chuck but before he died. I guess maybe we’ll find out eventually. I was surprised that hearing and then seeing Dean so suddenly; as he was not part of this story, was very jarring to me. He didn’t have time to be very “Dean” at all. No real Dean expressions…and then I thought about it and realized that he’s not nearly as “Dean” without Sam to play off of. It really is both of them together that make it Supernatural. I always liked the rare SPN episode where Sam and Dean were apart – the actors and characters got to stretch in different ways and we got to see different sides of them. But here, I guess I didn’t learn anything about Dean; where he is, how he’s feeling, what they hell is going on with him…and I wanted to know all of that. So I didn’t get the surge of love I thought I would. Seeing him with the car felt like kind of a cruel tease in a way. I want more Dean so badly. I’ll give it time.

                    I give this first one a solid “B”. Most importantly, I want to watch next week.

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                  • journalbookbinder
                      October 10, 2022 at 1:48 pm #21042

                      Kate38: LOVE YOUR COMMENTS! I hope you’ll keep watching so you can keep commenting. It’s not home here without you!

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                    • kate38
                        October 10, 2022 at 1:48 pm #21043

                        “Dean. We did not learn WHERE Dean is narrating from yet. Heaven? I kind of hoped for that as he waits for Sam. But maybe it’s from the years post-Chuck but before he died. I guess maybe we’ll find out eventually. I was surprised that hearing and then seeing Dean so suddenly; as he was not part of this story, was very jarring to me. He didn’t have time to be very “Dean” at all.”

                        I AGREE, JBB! I LOVED seeing Jensen again as “our Dean”, but that scene seemed to come out of nowhere. Why is Dean suddenly looking for historical information about his family? And where is he driving off to? Like you, I hope they answer some questions about that pretty quickly.


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                      • kate38
                          October 10, 2022 at 1:48 pm #21044

                          Question: Why did John enlist in the Marines to find his father who had been missing for over 10 years? How did that help? At the risk of sounding like a smartass, did John think Henry was in Southeast Asia?

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                        • PigNaPoke
                            October 10, 2022 at 1:48 pm #21046

                            Well, Well, Well…..and here it goes. It was GOOD, not great…yet….but very enjoyable and intriguing.

                            It could TOTALLY be me and my old(er) brain, but the fast and furious start caught me a little off guard. I didn’t dislike it but, MAN, it moved quickly. I DID really dig the Indiana Jones vibe at the very beginning, though. Knowing Jensen loves that character and would have loved to play it….

                            Immediately I loved the LOOK of it – the hues of amber and moss and rust, the slight fuzziness of everything, almost sepia and nostalgic. VERY vintage and cool looking. (Very Southern)

                            It’s probably as obviously NOT Kansas as Broward County in “Mystery Spot” was NOT Florida….so, I will always forgive that.

                            And the use of music was great, too, ASIDE from the incessant need nowadays to ALWAYS have background music in every scene….

                            I also liked a lot how we jump straight into it all with John and Mary after the fist “Slaughterhouse Five” meeting.

                            John having a letter from Henry and looking for where the key fit that first night and Mary looking for her dad overlapping with that seemed a good fit to make them interact again.

                            I didn’t mind at all that we got an immediate reveal of the MoL “clubhouse” and the fact that Henry (aaaaawwww Gil’s voice at the end!) left John a letter and key! YES, it throws up a lot of questions, but I can wait for clarification on that. I always hoped for more MoL content on SPN that would show them in a more useful and less elitist way than the BRITISH MoL. Maybe Robbie can give that to us?! I’m FOR it.

                            I do have to say, though, that I found John a little TOO accepting of the fact that Mary tells him about demons, monsters, suflur, vampires etc and later Carlos tells him about a ghoul. John never even bats an eye or is the least bit suspicious??!! I wish they had to put a little more skepticism into that! Or a montage of him reading some of Henry’s paperwork and finding out more? SOMETHING to make him a little more disbelieving. I mean we KNOW he has seen evil in Vietnam….but it’s not the same. The Supernatural still needs to stand out from that.

                            I get that they had time constraints and needed to get a lot communicated in the first episode….but he never even questions “what? Vampires are real? Like Dracula?” Or ask Carlos about what a ghoul is? MISSED opportunities at humor here.

                            Also, Mary is a little too sharing for someone who wants OUT of the live and doesn’t want to involve anyone else in it, BUT I can take that as an attempt to try and scare John away.

                            But I do like Meg as Mary. To me she portrayed nicely how closed off and wary Mary is at this point. There was a lot of good awkwardness about her.

                            Drake makes a charming picture of a very square John here at the beginning. Black and white world view nicely shown, something we know him for later. We can also feel bits of his pain and search for purpose. His recklessness over jumping into the next dangerous adventure makes sense to me for someone who just returned from war and doesn’t want to sit still and look too closely at what he just went through.

                            To me John wore a Sam-style shirt until Carlos gave him a “John-like” leather jacket, but I might be stretching the intent. LOL.

                            Latha, Carlos and Ada were just intriguing enough to make me want more. There are hints at what got them into hunting, and explanation enough why they would might want to make their knowledge about the supernatural a weapon against it.

                            I have 100% trust in Robbie Thompson to layer them in a way that we get bits and pieces of their personalities and intentions episode by episode.

                            VERY dynamic and ambitious scene in the underground chamber!!! Mary throwing punches at the demon, John fighting the Loupgarou (I APRRECIATE the use of THAT specific monster, indigenous to Creole culture, even though it DID look a little “early SPN” rubbery), Latha figuring out the box, Carlos….being knocked out. There was a lot going on in that scene and it was a little confusing, but exciting.

                            I am not on board (yet) with the musical use of what I always considered the Sam and Dean Theme when John and his mom talk about his “destiny” towards the end. But I might be convinced otherwise later as the music itself DOES invoke warm feelings of belonging in me. Maybe it’s simply the “Winchester heart to hear music”? I have to wait and see.

                            There were also some definite “HUH?” moments.

                            When John “exorcises” the demon Carlos throws at him (funny) he didn’t use the full incantation?? Sign of the (squirrel) attention span of the younger viewer? Or time constraints? I did not like that.

                            Did Mary just leave her car in Lubbock to ride in Carlos’ van to New Orleans? WHY. Two cars might come in hand and GAS was $0.89 a gallon at the time…lol.

                            Dean’s narration needed a little more context to me! WHEN was he? (Where was Sam?) WHAT set off the curiosity about his parent’s origin story? The actual words of his speech changed a lot from the first teaser trailer but now it seems a little disjointed – AS GREAT AS IT IS TO SEE DEAN!!!!

                            But overall….strong start for a prequel that had to live up to a LEGEND! 6 out of 10 for me.


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                            • kate38
                                October 10, 2022 at 1:48 pm #21054

                                “I do have to say, though, that I found John a little TOO accepting of the fact that Mary tells him about demons, monsters, suflur, vampires etc and later Carlos tells him about a ghoul. John never even bats an eye or is the least bit suspicious??!! I wish they had to put a little more skepticism into that! Or a montage of him reading some of Henry’s paperwork and finding out more? SOMETHING to make him a little more disbelieving. I mean we KNOW he has seen evil in Vietnam….but it’s not the same. The Supernatural still needs to stand out from that.”

                                I agree! Maybe that’s part of why the exposition felt so clunky and in-organic to me? “What was THAT thing?” “That was a demon from hell”. “Oh. Okay then. Have some coffee and let’s find our dads…” Huh??? LOL!

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                                • journalbookbinder
                                    October 10, 2022 at 1:48 pm #21056

                                    Kate38, you made me laugh with the “Demon? Oh, okay…what’s next”?

                                    I liked the creepy electronic demon voice, though that is not standard SPN. Maybe we are to believe that, over the years, the demons learned how to blend in more, look more human, and disguise their voice?

                                    Dean has to be narrating from heaven with the KAZ plates, right?

                                    After reading some comments on Twitter, I agree with the point that John is very “Sam” here and Mary is very “early Dean” with all the bluster. John and Sam were always said to have fought so hard because they were so similar and I love seeing that here! John telling Lata that they can be scared together…John jumping into run after the monster to protect everyone else with only a tiny piece of silver shrapnel…(I guess he WANTED that shrapnel from his late friend’s cross in his arm if it was that easy to remove and could have been removed at an earlier time!) – so many of John’s actions here were so “Sam”. I liked that. It felt like Sam was a part of this one in that way.

                                    PigNaPoke; Meg is definitely the actor with the most credit (Disney and all!). Drake is newer. So I guess that’s why she’s first? Drake stole the show though. Part of that is the way the characters are written. John is immediately more likable.

                                    I don’t love the monster trap either. Didn’t like it on SPN that much with “soul traps”, etc. No, I like learning how to kill the monsters, not trap them, but also realize they didn’t know as much “back then” – no way to kill a demon, etc.

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                              • PigNaPoke
                                  October 10, 2022 at 1:48 pm #21049

                                  KATE38!!!! YOU’RE BACK!!! I Am soooooo happy! Thanks for being here.

                                  I do agree with you on my confusion about some of the demon aspects!

                                  Also, Carlos was REALLY good at casually sprinkling salt into a perfect circle. HAHA.

                                  I did not quite get the explanation of why John joined the Marines and left his mom behind yet either and REALLY hope we get more on that.

                                  VERY good point on John’s mom! Strong and impressive character and non-conformist for her time, which I LOVE!!


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                                • PigNaPoke
                                    October 10, 2022 at 1:48 pm #21050

                                    Interesting that Meg Donnelly is first on the call sheet! Good for her, though!

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                                  • PigNaPoke
                                      October 10, 2022 at 1:48 pm #21053

                                      The TRAP is a little too Ghostbusters to me at the moment, although, I appreciate the use of Norse Runes! But I could see potential issues with it already, like: how many fit into it? When you trap another will others trapped escape? Was there something IN the trap already that might escape with the Akriba (was that the name?) will be shoved in?

                                      But I will allows it some time….

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                                      • kate38
                                          October 10, 2022 at 1:48 pm #21098

                                          Hey, PNP!!
                                          I was wondering about the trap, too! Why would the MOLs have a loup-garou guard an EMPTY trap? There MUST have already been something in there that they didn’t want escaping, right? And my first thoughts were “How many monsters does that thing hold?” “What happens when the door is opened (ala, All Hell Breaks Loose)?” and “What could the MOLs have been so terrified of that they’d create a trap and a prison guard just for that thing?”
                                          It also occurred to me that the MOLs are normally not hands-on. They observe, but they rarely go as far as creating a monster prison and hiring an eternal prison guard. There are exceptions, like the Werther Box, but something like that doesn’t happen often.


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                                      • Nikcon7
                                          October 10, 2022 at 1:48 pm #21065

                                          Hey, y’all! So glad to be back on here (finally!) and happy to have a new SPN show to look forward to each week.
                                          I’m only halfway through the episode right now, so I know I shouldn’t have logged on here yet, but I just missed everyone and I wanted to say hi!
                                          So far, I’m agreeing with you all on a lot of points, but I’ll finish the episode first before I comment.
                                          Later, bitches!

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                                          • kate38
                                              October 10, 2022 at 1:48 pm #21095

                                              Hey, Nikcon7!!!
                                              Can’t wait to hear what you think about the premiere!

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                                          • PigNaPoke
                                              October 10, 2022 at 1:48 pm #21081

                                              HEY NIKCON7!!!! GREAT to see you back as well!!!!

                                              Yay, the gang is back together to discuss AND we got Tigerlili in the mix!!I

                                              Great START!


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                                            • PigNaPoke
                                                October 10, 2022 at 1:48 pm #21084

                                                To me it makes more sense if the Dean scene at the end of The Winchester pilot was not set in Heaven.

                                                They could’ve out the old plates back on after Chuck was gone.

                                                Also in this scene the cooler is in the back seat and the amulet hangs on the rearview mirror – both not the case in Dean’s ride around Heaven’s back roads in the finals as far as I recall!

                                                The feeling I got from the heaven scenes w as that only a few hours passed for Dean until Sam joined him. It never even got dark. Not enough time for some detective work on his origins.

                                                I DO really appreciate, however, that the Dean scenes at the end of TW pilot had the SPN blueish-cool look and feeling to them!!

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                                              • Stedan
                                                  October 10, 2022 at 1:48 pm #21132

                                                  I`m new here, but I would love to talk about the show and thought I do it rather here than on the Twitter battlefield. About me, I love Supernaturaland I love Sam and Dean, so that will probably affect my opinion about the Winchesters a bit.

                                                  I have promised myself not to judge or being biased before I have even watched the show. And I did that yesterday. What can I say, I enjoyed watching it, I clearly don`t feel about it like I feel about Supernatural, but I thought the show is entertaining.

                                                  The characters work for me, some more, some less and that is the most important part for me. I had a problem with Mary in the beginning, but it got better during the episode, so I`m hopeful.

                                                  I enjoyed all the little easter eggs and the music and it is just nice to see something that plays in the Supernatural universe.

                                                  But of course, there were also things that I didn’t like so much. For example, I don’t know if it is a good idea to let the viewer that much in the dark about where Dean is and why Sam isn`t with him. I get that the show is not about the brothers, but about John and Mary. But if they bring Dean then I want to know why and why he is alone.

                                                  I suppose they want to stretch that a bit. But I`m not sure if that this is the best idea. People might get bored. I remembered that in one of the interviews at the NYCC Jensen and Danneel mentioned something about How I Met Your Mother. I think it was that Jensen likes that show and I was wondering if it is something like that what they have in mind. Telling us stories every week but not revealing what all of this is about.

                                                  I have no doubt that it will make sense in the end, but I personally think I would enjoy more knowing in what direction this is heading. I mean we know the ending anyway, if they keep the promise not to change the canon. But I will definitely keep watching. I watch a lot of shows I like and do not love like I love Supernatural and still enjoy watching them. So, I will do that and hope for a real reboot someday.

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                                                  • kate38
                                                      October 10, 2022 at 1:48 pm #21137

                                                      Hi, Stedan 🙂

                                                      Welcome to the fan wiki 🙂

                                                      Like you, I also hope someday for a “real” reboot, movie, or miniseries. In the meantime, I’d like this show to do very well and last for several seasons, EVEN IF I end up not personally liking it. I have tons of respect for Jensen and look forward to seeing what he can do when given the reins to tell the stories HE wants to tell in the Supernatural universe. I like Robbie Thompson, too, but I trust him less. He wrote some of my all-time favorite episodes, like “Baby”, “Don’t Call Me Shurley”, and “Safe House”; but he also wrote 2 episodes that I dislike so much (“Fan Fiction” and “Bitten”) that I skip them on rewatches. So, although I respect his writing, he’s more hit-or-miss for me.

                                                      I don’t need to see Sam in this show, but I definitely want more information about Dean’s appearance at the end. When I first saw him there by the car, I thought it was another commercial or a trailer — it was so disconnected from the rest of the episode that I couldn’t tell where it was supposed to fit. Like you and many others, I’m hoping that they won’t string us along too far before telling us what’s going on there.


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                                                    • journalbookbinder
                                                        October 10, 2022 at 1:48 pm #21854

                                                        Hello Stedan! Welcome!

                                                        I agree with much of what you said and how you feel. I’m not in love with it – did not grab me like the SPN pilot way back in 2005! But I am interested.

                                                        Robbie Thompson has said several times in interviews that “episode 13” will explain everything. Where Dean is (which he says will also tell us where Sam is), etc. That’s a little far into it – I would have liked to know sooner, but Robbie wants to let this story play out in a certain way where we get to discover things along the way, so I will trust him.

                                                        I too was never a huge Mary fan. LOVE the woman who plays her (such a sweetheart that Sam Smith), but I liked it when she was just an idea on SPN. Her death was the reason that John and Dean and Sam started down this path and I liked the early years of the show where we were kind of seeing her through Dean’s memories as more of an ideal and caring mom. So to hit the SPN flashback episode and find out that she was a hunter was a bit of a shock. I DO like the idea that reality doesn’t always match someone idealized memories, and I was okay with monsters using Sam and Dean’s love for her against them (making Eve take the shape of Mary to get to them), but I did not like the decision to bring her back for real as a “gift” to Dean…and then she ends up unraveling much of what he thought the knew about her. No, I didn’t want “returned Mary” to hand around the bunker and clean and cook! But I wanted to keep her more of a mystery where we only saw her in flashbacks, dreams, or time travel.

                                                        So now I get A LOT more Mary! Maybe I’ll like the “brought back from the dead” version more when I get to see her backstory.

                                                        Out of all of the new cast; just judging from the pilot, I love John the most. Drake grabbed me right away and made me care about him.

                                                        I too look forward to getting a bit more “serious” or “tragic” Carlos. He obviously has a sad family backstory. I am all for humorous moments; it’s one of the things that made SPN great, and I love a gender-bending character, but they have to be human and someone you care about and can sympathize with too. I think we don’t know enough about Carlos yet. But I don’t want them to always run to him for comedic relief. I love Supernatural for the complex characters and the way that one episode can make me laugh and cry in the same 45 minutes. I hope for that here too.

                                                        Your English is stellar. I only speak/write English so as a bilingual person, you are miles ahead of me.

                                                        I hope you’ll keep coming back every week!

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                                                    • PigNaPoke
                                                        October 10, 2022 at 1:48 pm #21164

                                                        WELCOME, STEDAN!!!
                                                        It is so great to have NEW fans joining us here to chat and exchange opinions!!!
                                                        We are a 100% SAFE place here!!!
                                                        ALL opinions are respected and listened to. No one is shamed or bullied!
                                                        We don’t have to agree but no thought is discounted.
                                                        I had some of the best discussions here over the last years and often on subjects some of us DISagree on. Lol.
                                                        I learned A LOT here and I consider the people here my REAL SPN FAMILY.


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                                                      • PigNaPoke
                                                          October 10, 2022 at 1:48 pm #21170

                                                          Hey Stedan,
                                                          I too am eagerly hoping for a SPN reboot and the almost cruel teaser to see only Dean only made that wish more desperste, BUT….
                                                          if T.W. can bridge the time until then and provide worthy entertainment in the SPN universe….I’m IN for the ride!

                                                          I never watched “How I met your mother” so that reference during the NYCCC was kinda lost on me.

                                                          I AM hoping that Dean won’t string is along too long for answers on his findings AND his situation!! His narration is intriguing to me, though and I trust Robbie to use it as an interesting tool for us to get unique insight into the past that the characters IN it not yet have.

                                                          Jensen said in a TVLine interview last week that there will be OTHER voices added to the narration here and there. (I’m guessing Sam?!)
                                                          And Robbie said that episode 13 will reveal A LOT on how this fits into canon we know!

                                                          I always loved the way Robbie wrote and revealed characters in layers. I am excited to see what he’ll do here!

                                                          I just watched the episode again and liked it again very much!

                                                          I thought Meg did a fine job portraying Mary as starting off very abrasive and blustery but showing subtle signs of surprise and interest over John’s fast involvement and softer nature pretty quickly. She takes charge, yes, but she seems to be the one with the longest experience, so I don’t mind that. And she delegates jobs to the team member she trusts to be good at what she asks. To me that’s being a good leader. I’m excited to see more.

                                                          Kate38, you mentioned Mary being “too Buffy” for you. I laughed at that!! Great thought! Although, I have to say that I always LOVED watching Buffy ASIDE from the fact that most female characters were heavily sexualized (with the sleazy 90’s outfits and dumbed down lines) and didn’t NEED to be!! I was very happy to see that T.W. seem to follow a different, more modern and empowered way on that subject! We had several strong female characters in this pilot and not a sleazy outfit in sight!! Happy about that.

                                                          I will DEFINITELY do my best to WATCH T.W. for as long as the show is on the air!! Even if it’s just to support the creative team behind the scenes!!
                                                          Hey, I’m STILL watching Walker after all to support Jared, even though I REALLY don’t enjoy it or think it’s a well written show. It’s more like a chore. Lol


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                                                        • borgmama1of5
                                                            October 10, 2022 at 1:48 pm #21189

                                                            My immediate reaction: It was okay and I will keep watching because it’s Jensen’s and Robbie Thompson’s baby and they promised to make canon right.

                                                            As a pilot it had a lot of introduction to do, particularly in giving thumbnail portraits of the supporting characters, none of whom I felt any real connection to yet. I do like the way John is being portrayed, I particularly found it interesting that he didn’t need the ‘vampires are real’ speech all newbies get because it fits with the John we got in season 5–‘The Song Remains the Same.’ When the boys went back in time to stop angel Anna from killing their parents John didn’t need a long explanation:

                                                            JOHN: Monsters. Monsters?
                                                            MARY: Yes.
                                                            JOHN: Monsters are real.
                                                            MARY: I’m sorry, I didn’t know how—
                                                            JOHN: And you fight them? All of you?
                                                            SAM: Yeah.
                                                            JOHN: How long?
                                                            MARY: All my life. John, just try to understand—
                                                            DEAN: She didn’t exactly have a choice—
                                                            JOHN: Shut up, all of you! Look, not another word, or so help me, I will turn this car around!

                                                            And, as you can see in this later scene, John didn’t care for explanations, he was all about doing something:
                                                            JOHN: Hey, what’s the deal with the thing on the paper?
                                                            DEAN: It’s a sigil. That means—
                                                            JOHN: I don’t care what it means. Where does it go?
                                                            DEAN: On a wall or a door.
                                                            JOHN: How big should I make it?
                                                            DEAN: John—
                                                            JOHN: What? Y’all might have treated me like a fool, but I am not useless. I can draw a damn—
                                                            JOHN picks up the paper from next to a large knife.
                                                            JOHN: —whatever it is—a sigil.
                                                            DEAN: Why don’t you go help Sam out? Okay? ‘Cause this has got to be done in…it’s got to be done in human blood.
                                                            JOHN picks up the knife, unsheathes it, and slices his left palm open.
                                                            JOHN: So, how big?

                                                            In canon Mary bumped into John for the first time when she was coming out of the movie ‘Slaughterhouse Five’ and they went out for coffee…they kept the bumping into each other and the movie marquee was ‘Slaughterhouse Five’ but details were changed.

                                                            Did anyone else think of Dean’s vehement defense of licorice in Bobby’s memory when Mary said she’d bought licorice?

                                                            Demon inconsistency didn’t bother me, the abilities of demons in the mothership were very inconsistent as well, and I just roll with it.

                                                            John digging the silver cross out of his arm was bizarre. When he first mentioned it in the car I thought that might be what was keeping his friend’s ghost around, but apparently it’s not a real ghost, just PTSD?

                                                            I, like others here, also didn’t understand why Mary left her car in Texas to drive Carlos’ van, and those kinds of goofs always throw me out of the story.

                                                            I want to like it…and I’ll keep watching…

                                                            But it’s not my boys…

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                                                          • PigNaPoke
                                                              October 10, 2022 at 1:48 pm #21227

                                                              Hey All, after pondering it some more I think why the episode seemed a little frantic or clunky and many things were just touched on too briefly was because they had to introduce four core characters in 42 minutes and leave us at least with a cursatory impression.
                                                              Jensen and Robbie both said that this will be an ensemble show and the “core four” are ALL important from the start whereas SPN was mostly about Sam and Dean and only until it became kind of ensemble-y with Cas joining.
                                                              Plus you have Millie and Ada (LOVE how many important WOMEN we have here) who need a little attention, too, as they seem to be guiding influences in some ways.

                                                              To me Robbie did a good job giving me a few important bits about each character to be intrigued and want more. That’s really most I hoped for from the pilot, that the characters were hinting at layers that can be explored.

                                                              The MAIN thing that bothered me that John wasn’t more skeptical!! That was WAY too glossed over. Like kate38 said “This is a demon….from hell.” “OH, cool, let’s have coffee and find our dads.”I

                                                              I can buy that John is WILLING to accept that there could be supernatural beings. And I definitely can buy that he is brave and self-sacrificing in the face of danger, especially after just coming back from Vietnam. And I also understand that he jumps on this new “mission” of fighting monsters and finding out more about his dad’s world but for him to seem like a SMART character I need him to ask more questions and be a little stunned at it all.

                                                              And his way to explain why he went to Vietnam to find out more about his dad was really confusing.
                                                              Maybe he meant that Henry was a duty driven man and he wanted to experience that in his own way through military service and see if it was something they shared a passion for? But if that’s it, I need to hear THAT from Millie amd John. John was only four when Henry escaped Abbadon and found Sam and Dean. John couldn’t have remembered much details about his dad without someone telling him. At the moment it sounds like his was physically searching for Henry in Vietnam.

                                                              On the other side what DOES immediately feel to me like we are playing in the same world as SPN is all the rich detail in the sets and locations!! It might not be Jerry Wanek anymore but whoever has taken this on is doing a great job evoking the same magic so far!! There was A LOT for the Production design team to do between the MoL “clubhouse”, Ada’s bookstore, the Winchester Garage, the crypt!!

                                                              Now, one other BIG question I have is: In “Time Goes By” Henry lives in NORMAL, IL when he leaves his family to go “to work” and then disappears, but TW is set in Lawrence, KS and Henry’s chapter house is there….. I doubt Henry had to drive from Normal to Lawrence every time to go to a meeting of the MoL??

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                                                            • PigNaPoke
                                                                October 10, 2022 at 1:48 pm #21238

                                                                Hey Borgmama1of5, great to have you here joining the discussion!

                                                                You make an EXCELLENT POINT about John’s attitude towards it all in “The Song Remains The Same”!! I had not thought about that. I still would hope for a little more inquisitiveness (I don’t think that’s a word, right?) from John in future episodes, but I can accept his “roll with the punches” behavior a little better now that you pointed that out. THANKS!

                                                                YES, I thought about the licorice discussion between Sam and Dean as well! HA! I am completely on Sam’s side in that argument. Licorice DOES taste like DIRT!

                                                                Even though the notion that Dean is more like Mary and Sam is more like John was already established in SPN canon and I do like subtle hints at that here in TW (like the licorice thing) I’m a little worried that they will start showing it down our throats more forcefully in the run of this show. I believe that kids, although predestined to pick up SOME traits of their parents, have the ability to change their behavioral patterns away from their parents’ and develop their own character traits based on their own life experiences. Same goes for Sam and Dean. I don’t want to be fed heavy handed parallels all throughout TW that are meant to make me think that I am practically watching a version of Sam and Dean here!!

                                                                Not that Robbie would write it like that, but that might be something the Network or Studio want to convey….feeding off the popularity of SPN.

                                                                Most of all, though, I hope that the show is given a REAL chance by the audience, network, studio and whatever other PTB out there to become an entertaining and relevant companion piece to the OG SPN!

                                                                Of course, it will never diminish my desire for more Sam and Dean and Supernatural!! And TW will never completely measure up to the OG mothership and “our boys”…..but then….I would never LET it either.


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                                                              • Stedan
                                                                  October 10, 2022 at 1:48 pm #21247

                                                                  Thanks for the friendly welcome. I have been looking for a while now for a place where I actually can talk about spn and related things. I used to do that in several fb groups, but it’s been quite in most of them since spn doesn’t air anymore and TW doesn’t seem to have many followers yet. So I’m glad I found this.

                                                                  in How I Met Your Mother there is also a narrator, the father tells or better teases to his children how he met their mother, without the audience knowing who the mother actually is and what happend to her. They do that until the end, for 9 seasons. And I hope that is not the plan of Jensen and Robbie, because there is a big difference. We already know what the endgame is, John and Mary definitely will get together and Sam will be born.

                                                                  I have to admit that I haven’t been the biggest Mary fan in Supernatural. I’m not a Mary hater, but the way she was written, or maybe portrayed, sometimes felt a bit forced to me. Something like, look at the cool and badass woman. So when I have seen the Mary in TW I thought it might be the same. But as I mentioned before. I thought her character evolved already during the episode. I hope they keep it that way.

                                                                  I liked John`s character, of course there is a big difference to the spn John, but I guess if a person goes through as much as John did, that changes a person. So I think it is kind of interesting to meet the unburdened character.

                                                                  I liked Latika, I’m not sure how I feel about Carlos, he seems like a fun character, I just hope they are not overdoing it with that. I’m more a fan of a bit more layered characters. But we are just at the beginning of the story.

                                                                  I was so glad that we get to know Millie. First she seems like an interesting character and I during all my time watching spn I wondered what happend to John`s mother, About them not living in Normal Illinois. I figured that Millie and John might have moved to Lawrence. Maybe to get a fresh start. I doubt that Millie had the garage as long as Henry was around. My guess is, they moved and Millie opened the garage in Lawrence.

                                                                  Something on my own account. I’d like to mention that english isnt my first language and I sometimes tend to explain a bit to much when I can`t find the right word, lol. So sorry for that.

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                                                                • PigNaPoke
                                                                    October 10, 2022 at 1:48 pm #21346

                                                                    Hi Stedan,
                                                                    I am German by birth so I totally get it! Even though I’ve lived in the U.S. for as long as In had in Germany there are certain things that still baffle me in the English language and I make plenty of mistakes! No judgement here!

                                                                    I agree with you on Mary. I wasn’t a fan of her character on SPN. I really didn’t like her coming back in season 12. And I didn’t understand her behavior there after with the MOL etc. Her “plight” of not knowing the men her boys had become and running away from that always felt wrong to me. And I’m the end SHE caused he own demise in many ways by making the deal for John’s life with Azazel in the first place and then never did anything about that afterwards. Anyhow, that was my thought all along. to
                                                                    I have to say that I gained a bit more sympathy for her character after hearing Sam Smith talk at conventions about how she interpreted Mary and tried to play her. She was very thoughtful and well spoken about it and I enjoy hearing it, but (not to be mean) I don’t think she is a good enough actress to convey it all on screen.

                                                                    Good point about Millie moving them to Lawrence after Henry disappeared but I still wonder why Henry had a locker in the Lawerence LoL chapter house when he lived in Normal? But I’ll roll with it for story convenience. Lol.

                                                                    I did like Carlos’ BIG personality, but I agree that I hope he’ll not just be used for comic relief!! Trusting Robbie Thompson though on showing us layers later.


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