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    October 12, 2022 at 10:37 pm #21170

    Hey Stedan,
    I too am eagerly hoping for a SPN reboot and the almost cruel teaser to see only Dean only made that wish more desperste, BUT….
    if T.W. can bridge the time until then and provide worthy entertainment in the SPN universe….I’m IN for the ride!

    I never watched “How I met your mother” so that reference during the NYCCC was kinda lost on me.

    I AM hoping that Dean won’t string is along too long for answers on his findings AND his situation!! His narration is intriguing to me, though and I trust Robbie to use it as an interesting tool for us to get unique insight into the past that the characters IN it not yet have.

    Jensen said in a TVLine interview last week that there will be OTHER voices added to the narration here and there. (I’m guessing Sam?!)
    And Robbie said that episode 13 will reveal A LOT on how this fits into canon we know!

    I always loved the way Robbie wrote and revealed characters in layers. I am excited to see what he’ll do here!

    I just watched the episode again and liked it again very much!

    I thought Meg did a fine job portraying Mary as starting off very abrasive and blustery but showing subtle signs of surprise and interest over John’s fast involvement and softer nature pretty quickly. She takes charge, yes, but she seems to be the one with the longest experience, so I don’t mind that. And she delegates jobs to the team member she trusts to be good at what she asks. To me that’s being a good leader. I’m excited to see more.

    Kate38, you mentioned Mary being “too Buffy” for you. I laughed at that!! Great thought! Although, I have to say that I always LOVED watching Buffy ASIDE from the fact that most female characters were heavily sexualized (with the sleazy 90’s outfits and dumbed down lines) and didn’t NEED to be!! I was very happy to see that T.W. seem to follow a different, more modern and empowered way on that subject! We had several strong female characters in this pilot and not a sleazy outfit in sight!! Happy about that.

    I will DEFINITELY do my best to WATCH T.W. for as long as the show is on the air!! Even if it’s just to support the creative team behind the scenes!!
    Hey, I’m STILL watching Walker after all to support Jared, even though I REALLY don’t enjoy it or think it’s a well written show. It’s more like a chore. Lol


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