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    October 13, 2022 at 8:51 am #21227

    Hey All, after pondering it some more I think why the episode seemed a little frantic or clunky and many things were just touched on too briefly was because they had to introduce four core characters in 42 minutes and leave us at least with a cursatory impression.
    Jensen and Robbie both said that this will be an ensemble show and the “core four” are ALL important from the start whereas SPN was mostly about Sam and Dean and only until it became kind of ensemble-y with Cas joining.
    Plus you have Millie and Ada (LOVE how many important WOMEN we have here) who need a little attention, too, as they seem to be guiding influences in some ways.

    To me Robbie did a good job giving me a few important bits about each character to be intrigued and want more. That’s really most I hoped for from the pilot, that the characters were hinting at layers that can be explored.

    The MAIN thing that bothered me that John wasn’t more skeptical!! That was WAY too glossed over. Like kate38 said “This is a demon….from hell.” “OH, cool, let’s have coffee and find our dads.”I

    I can buy that John is WILLING to accept that there could be supernatural beings. And I definitely can buy that he is brave and self-sacrificing in the face of danger, especially after just coming back from Vietnam. And I also understand that he jumps on this new “mission” of fighting monsters and finding out more about his dad’s world but for him to seem like a SMART character I need him to ask more questions and be a little stunned at it all.

    And his way to explain why he went to Vietnam to find out more about his dad was really confusing.
    Maybe he meant that Henry was a duty driven man and he wanted to experience that in his own way through military service and see if it was something they shared a passion for? But if that’s it, I need to hear THAT from Millie amd John. John was only four when Henry escaped Abbadon and found Sam and Dean. John couldn’t have remembered much details about his dad without someone telling him. At the moment it sounds like his was physically searching for Henry in Vietnam.

    On the other side what DOES immediately feel to me like we are playing in the same world as SPN is all the rich detail in the sets and locations!! It might not be Jerry Wanek anymore but whoever has taken this on is doing a great job evoking the same magic so far!! There was A LOT for the Production design team to do between the MoL “clubhouse”, Ada’s bookstore, the Winchester Garage, the crypt!!

    Now, one other BIG question I have is: In “Time Goes By” Henry lives in NORMAL, IL when he leaves his family to go “to work” and then disappears, but TW is set in Lawrence, KS and Henry’s chapter house is there….. I doubt Henry had to drive from Normal to Lawrence every time to go to a meeting of the MoL??