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    October 13, 2022 at 10:21 am #21238

    Hey Borgmama1of5, great to have you here joining the discussion!

    You make an EXCELLENT POINT about John’s attitude towards it all in “The Song Remains The Same”!! I had not thought about that. I still would hope for a little more inquisitiveness (I don’t think that’s a word, right?) from John in future episodes, but I can accept his “roll with the punches” behavior a little better now that you pointed that out. THANKS!

    YES, I thought about the licorice discussion between Sam and Dean as well! HA! I am completely on Sam’s side in that argument. Licorice DOES taste like DIRT!

    Even though the notion that Dean is more like Mary and Sam is more like John was already established in SPN canon and I do like subtle hints at that here in TW (like the licorice thing) I’m a little worried that they will start showing it down our throats more forcefully in the run of this show. I believe that kids, although predestined to pick up SOME traits of their parents, have the ability to change their behavioral patterns away from their parents’ and develop their own character traits based on their own life experiences. Same goes for Sam and Dean. I don’t want to be fed heavy handed parallels all throughout TW that are meant to make me think that I am practically watching a version of Sam and Dean here!!

    Not that Robbie would write it like that, but that might be something the Network or Studio want to convey….feeding off the popularity of SPN.

    Most of all, though, I hope that the show is given a REAL chance by the audience, network, studio and whatever other PTB out there to become an entertaining and relevant companion piece to the OG SPN!

    Of course, it will never diminish my desire for more Sam and Dean and Supernatural!! And TW will never completely measure up to the OG mothership and “our boys”…..but then….I would never LET it either.