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    October 14, 2022 at 7:08 am #21346

    Hi Stedan,
    I am German by birth so I totally get it! Even though I’ve lived in the U.S. for as long as In had in Germany there are certain things that still baffle me in the English language and I make plenty of mistakes! No judgement here!

    I agree with you on Mary. I wasn’t a fan of her character on SPN. I really didn’t like her coming back in season 12. And I didn’t understand her behavior there after with the MOL etc. Her “plight” of not knowing the men her boys had become and running away from that always felt wrong to me. And I’m the end SHE caused he own demise in many ways by making the deal for John’s life with Azazel in the first place and then never did anything about that afterwards. Anyhow, that was my thought all along. to
    I have to say that I gained a bit more sympathy for her character after hearing Sam Smith talk at conventions about how she interpreted Mary and tried to play her. She was very thoughtful and well spoken about it and I enjoy hearing it, but (not to be mean) I don’t think she is a good enough actress to convey it all on screen.

    Good point about Millie moving them to Lawrence after Henry disappeared but I still wonder why Henry had a locker in the Lawerence LoL chapter house when he lived in Normal? But I’ll roll with it for story convenience. Lol.

    I did like Carlos’ BIG personality, but I agree that I hope he’ll not just be used for comic relief!! Trusting Robbie Thompson though on showing us layers later.