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    October 18, 2022 at 10:28 pm #21907

    Overall nice episode.

    I liked that we were finding out a few more nuggets about each of the core four. Deepening the characters.

    Man, Mary IS bossy…and rash. The way she just overwrites everyone and orders them around isn’t smart. But it’s quite realistic for a teenager I would say. Especially one that is used to have orders barked AT her. As Carlos says later, she does exactly what she didn’t enjoy having done to her. However, it’s something familiar to her so she falls into it .

    Really liked Carlos being less loud in this one and standing up to Mary trying to set her straight by telling her she’s being “too Samuel” like !! JoJo had some really good moments in this episode.

    And I’m glad Mary came around and apologized seeing her mistake. And I loved the conversation between Carlos and Mary back at the club house where she brings it back up and wants to clear the air. A more open communication between the team members will be a good thing to see happening.

    Lata is lovely and I like that the team has their own lore expert around with her. She’s basically the new (or old) version of always available WiFi and the internet on SPN…lol.

    You can start to see why John and Mary might bond over their parent issues. Although they are coming from opposite ends at it – John wanting to FIND his purpose and legacy and Mary wanting to shed it. Will be interesting to explore further.

    INTERSTING about Ada and her knowledge to induce that trance to write the echo words! Do we think she WAS a woman of letters?

    Some of my other thoughts as I was watching:

    Question: Was the burnt out creepy old factory supposed to be the MoL chapter house in Savannah?? Not realistic looking at all of the other chapter houses we have seen before? Unless this one was supposed to be long abandoned? (Nice locale though)

    Is Dean’s voice over a little too Jensen Texas drawl to anyone else?

    I like the use of the “classic” looking zombie here. We haven’t had that on SPN. And they even died the “Walking Dead Way” by stabbing them in the head. NICE.

    Someone could’ve told John that beating a zombie won’t kill it. LOL. But he throws some great punches. I like that his current M.O. is to go all out with his hand-to-hand skills, because it’s realistic that he would fall back on something he knows. However, I want him to ask more questions about what to do.

    So, they drove from Kansas to New Orleans and back to Kansas in the pilot. Now to Savannah just to find a lead back to Kansas? LOL. That’s a lot of driving, even with cheap gas. And John said that “the last two weeks” they’ve been looking for Samuel but the last we saw in the pilot was them taking off to Savannah….they drove two weeks?

    Didn’t like the fight between Millie and John. That seemed a little forced and he was so rude to her. She isn’t asking much…ONE CALL. But we need a little more back story about their relationship to judge what’s happening between them. We know already that he faked his age and signed up to the Marines without her say-so. He seems quite rebellious and bull-headed, which fits with his later self.
    And I loved the conversation between John and Millie at the end. It seemed real and warm and nuanced. Both actors did really well with it. And it made the fight at the beginning more understandable to me.

    YES, first TW motel!! Funny, but when I saw the cars in the parking lot, I’m looking for Baby and then thought “huh, all vintage cars?”….duh…we’re in the 70’s. I was wondering if a cheap motel they’ll stay in now should look vintage to the THEIR time period? Like 50’s or 40’s style?

    I do like what’s happening between Ada and Millie. Could be a cool adult female friendship or at least uneasy alliance.

    OK, now we know that Millie didn’t move to Lawrence AFTER Henry went missing, because HENRY planted the jasmine at the garage for protection. (Then my confusion about the location is back as Henry was living in Normal, IL when he disappeared. Oversight? Or will be explained later?)

    A PHONE BOOTH at the Hippie Camp?! HA.

    I liked Lata’s lore book and the story about the monster. Nice and gruesome. Just would have liked to have a little explanation why an incredibly rare monster from Columbia is in Kansas.
    They could have made the monster lady way more scary, though! She was nothing like the drawing in the book. Her outfit and wig looked like a cheap Halloween costume. Either make her older and witchy looking OR make her more tree like. Her look didn’t work for me at all and took me out of the story.

    Also – sorry – the special effects were pretty weak. The hole in the ground looked better on SPN in season 5 (2010) than here. The vines never looked like they were actually penetrating to feed (or were they just supposed to tie the victims down?). Mary stabbing the monster at the end looked like she never gotten the stake through the fabric of the robe. ETC.

    UHM….wouldn’t there be water in those copper pipes John rips out from under the sink like the Hulk? Unless John cut off the main?

    It was very obvious that Millie was La Tunda. But I did like that we hear a little more about the chip on John’s shoulder about his dad leaving and him feeling like he wasn’t worth staying for.

    There was a misplaced “Audrey III” reference from Mary! Little Shop of Horrors – where the man-eating plant
    Audrey is from – didn’t open until 1986!!

    HA, I guess, John’s thing will be to have monster goo spewed in the face? First the zombie and then La Tunda’s green sap?

    Pretty intriguing end there. Someone coming for the essence of the La Tunda and drawing those crawly things to follow? Was that the same thing as in the New Orleans crypt? Were those Akrida? I hope not. They looked like shadowy crabs.

    I was again entertained and want to see more.