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    October 19, 2022 at 12:20 pm #21966

    Here are my thoughts about episode 2.
    I start with the positive. I actually enjoyed watching the episode. It felt like a solid motw episode and had imo even some Supernatural vibes. But I have to agree with PigNaPoke, the special effects seemed a bit cheap.

    I also liked the interactions between the main characters, even when John’s reaction towards his mother was a bit harsh. I liked Mary a bit better this week, even when I’m still not really convinced that this is the Mary I pictured for at least 12 seasons. So far my favorite Mary was the version played by Amy Gumenick. She was badass too, but it didn`t feel so forced like with the Mary in the Winchesters, but also the resurrected Mary of the mothership. Carlos, Lata and Ada are great characters, I wished they would show us a bit of their background in the future.

    Now I get to the problems I had with the episode, or maybe more with the whole story arch so far. The most important thing for me in a show is if I’m invested in the characters. I mean really invested. If I find that in a show I can overlook possible plot wholes and inconsistencies. I need to feel for the characters, fear for them, suffer with them. And I can’t say that I do that for the characters of the Winchesters, at least so far not. Maybe it’s to early, but for example, Supernatural had me already in the first episode. I think that might be a bit the problem because this is a prequel and if we believe what Jensen, Danneel and Robbie told us (I do) nothing will change the original Supernatural story, we already know that nothing is going to happen to John and Mary and most likely not to Samuel either (he is still around in 1973). So that takes a bit the tension / drama out of the story. I mean when Mary fears the monster got to John and hurries to the rescue, I don’t really feel her fear, as I know nothing will happen anyway. I just don’t see how this will work. Hopefully there will be some twists that make the story a bit more dramatic. Maybe they could focus a bit on the characters beside John and Mary. For instance, we don’t know what happened to Millie and of course not with Lata and Carlos as they are not in the picture in spn. Not that I would something to happen to them. But I`d say the show needs a bit drama.

    About the litlle inconsitencies. PigNaPoke, seems like you were right about there being something wrong with them living in Normal. If Henry planted this vines, he must have been living in Lawrence too. Here goes my theory that they moved after he disspeared, lol.

    Something else that I am curious about is, what is with Deana? I mean her husband is missing and her daughter now gone for weeks too and we hear nothing about her. I hope there will be something in the upcoming episodes or that will make no sense to me.

    I agree with Dean sounding different, I couldn’t say if that is the texas accent. I probably wouldn’t notice an accent unless it is really obvious. @PIgNaPoke btw. I’m German too. But I can say, he doesn’t really sound like Dean.

    Summarized, I`m still interested in the show and will keep watching and hope for some twists and a bit more drama.