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    October 20, 2022 at 4:23 pm #22117

    I liked this one more than I liked the Pilot :).

    I like the old-school Supernatural vibe a lot! The creepy case, the seedy motel room, the Fleetwood Mac shout out, and the era music are all wins. Unfortunately, I’m still getting a Buffy vibe that I DO NOT like (don’t get me wrong; I liked Buffy, but I don’t need to see that show again here), and I still REALLY do not like Mary. I like John, but am not getting much chemistry between him and Mary. Perhaps that will improve over time. Carlos is clearly the comedy relief, and Lata is the researcher-geek character. The ensemble reeks of being formulaic, but I expected no less from the CW. I will make an effort to look the other way.

    Side note – John tried – presumably for hours – to break the vines holding him; but suddenly when the monster started killing someone else, he broke them in a few seconds and escaped? Okay, looking the other way on that, too.

    I like Millie a lot and completely understand her position. Her son JUST came back from freaking Viet Nam, and now there’s a chance that she’ll still lose him the same way they lost Henry. I completely understand that. I like Ada, too. She understands both sides and is adult and reasonable enough to help bridge the gap. Considering where John is headed, her role will likely be critically important. If the entire cast was just the kids, I think I’d get bored. But characters like Millie and Ava, and eventually Samuel (and maybe Deanna?) should add enough adult balance to keep my attention.

    I love that Henry planted a jasmine vine for “protection”, as if he knew something was going to happen to him.

    I like that we’re meeting new monsters. I wish the original series had spent more time on urban legends and various monsters instead of visiting the same ones over and over again. Maybe we’ll see more variety in this show.

    Nice teaser at the end, too. At first, I thought the hooded person might have been Samuel, but it’s clearly someone else. Anyway, it’s compelling enough to keep me watching 🙂

    The Pilot was a C-minus for me, but this episode was a solid C-plus.