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    October 25, 2022 at 9:28 pm #22463

    Welllll….sigh. I am trying. I really am. This one started out more promising for me with a monster that looked scary at first…then it totally went off the rails.

    I liked the start. The latchkey kids with mom as a trucker…not only white people; yay! The kids were charming and believable.

    But there was so much I didn’t like.

    The monster that started out promising and scary, ended up in the end, thanks to long looks at it in full light, like a guy in a mask.

    The monster’s lair was HORRIBLE! It was a storage unit draped in fabric! I guess maybe it was SUPPOSED to look like a child’s fort full of lost stuff??? But it looked silly and cheap and not scary in the least. The storage unit doors were the nail in the coffin for me there. Why would a monster of Indian original live in a different-dimension-storage-unit? Because of all the lost stuff? I can reason why it was that maybe, but in the end it just looked horrible and cheap.

    Mary. She is acting like she in a stage play or reading off a page. I KNOW she is supposed to be stand-off-ish, but I’m not feeling her natural acting ability here at all yet. Or very rarely.

    John IS a natural. Drake is a natural. BUT, his sudden “I need her” desperation over Mary is WAY too soon! And we just found out he proposed to someone else before Vietnam? I really didn’t feel THAT at all either!

    Lata has all the answers all the time and immediately. Okay, we learned she’s lying to everyone about her parents who seem to be alive. At least her mom is. But she knows EVERYTHING and they find out about the monsters way too fast and I just don’t feel any danger or urgency even when they want us to feel it.

    Carlos was very much sidelined here. PigNaPoke pointed out to me that with such a large cast, trying to include everyone in every episode means some get the short end of the stick and it would be better if they were left out of an episode. That was Carlos here. Loved looking at him, but he had very little to do except make some sarcastic comments.

    Ada WAS interesting. Her tendency to go a bit dark side is interesting. NOT a fan of trapping a demon in a TREE!!!! Come on!

    The big stressful moment of Mary having an identity crisis via CB radio just fell flat for me. Meg didn’t sell it to me. I am not feeling the emotion from her.

    And…more giant crab-dogs. And the big bad is disguised as the DJ and we are already finding that out? I am having a real problem with the “they’ll destroy our world”. I never would have EVER thought I’d accuse Robbie Thompson of lazy writing, but…that just sounds like a line from a comic book villain and is just so…overused that I don’t feel the threat from it.

    I know it’s only the 3rd one. But I hate to say I’m having serious problems with it. Problems with the monsters. Problems with the big threat. Problems with the characters not pulling at me emotionally. Sam and Dean grabbed me from the very start. This feels like an after school special at times.

    I want to like it. I want to LOVE it. So I hope this one was just a weak episode. But it’s not building for me the way I hoped it already would be.