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Hi Stedan! Thanks for joining me this week! Seems maybe the episode was universally disliked? No one else is chiming in yet. Yes, I too thought the beginning was strong and I was really happy to see something more scary.

Jensen and those involved in the show keep talking about how Drake and Meg have such great chemistry, they have to keep telling them to dial it back. I am NOT seeing that, so I guess they are successfully “dialing it back”. I think I might enjoy it more when Mary is allowed to show more emotion. Maybe for John…I don’t know.

Maybe you are right that there is not “will they or won’t they” suspense…like, if we didn’t know what was going to happen – that they will end up together – we might be wondering if John will pursue her and Mary will reject him or something like that. But we know they end up together. I too have always enjoyed shows with intensely caring partners where it does not end up in a relationship (or goes through much of the show without ending up in one like X-Files). Here I hope they can somehow make it more unexpected or emotional or interesting if it’s going to be a relationship.

I agree that in the time-traveling episodes of SPN, Deanna was made out to be more of a traditional-appearing housewife. She was. Kind of chastising Samuel for being rude, etc…so to think of her as her own independent hunter that Samuel would feel okay NOT protecting…it’s odd to me. Fine and progressive to raise your daughter Mary that way, but I did not see that in the Deanna we know so far from SPN.

I too wondered if the guy who magically appeared at the movies was “just a guy” or something else. He DID look like John slightly.

I really liked the part with Ada. Probably my favorite part. Her dabbling in being kind of a misleading badass…lying to the demon (though the tree thing was weird for me)…and Carlos liking it. That scene was very short but might have been my favorite of the show.

Did Mary’s identity crisis ring true to you? It was the most emotional we’ve seen her and yet somehow it still felt to me like she was “performing” somehow! Am I just being overly-critical?