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    November 15, 2022 at 9:39 pm #27875

    I really liked this case and the deeper look into Mary’s past and Ada’s past.

    I just don’t like the easy way that solutions always present themselves to the gang! THAT fact alone takes me out of their struggle as hunters. I want a montage of them looking for information for a few days and gathering clues, running into dead ends, having to pivot and try again! Even Sam and Dean had to do that and THEY had technology on their side. I don’t want Latha or Ada to always know everything. It’s too easy.

    OK, and I DON’T like the bug monsters!! They are kinda stupid and alien and not scary! But at least we now know that these are NOT the actual AKRIDA, but only foot soldiers, and “the Akrida” seems to be the local DJ Roxanne? Looked like her rings on the lady’s fingers who collected the essence of the Tree Witch monster from the cemetery in epsiode 2?!

    I DID like a lot that here we meet a gin (or two, if you count Ali’s attempt) who actually want to use their abilities to HELP people !! That was refreshing and new and totally within the realm of possibility with what we knew of gin before.

    Ada’s pain of having failed her son was also well done and relatable and a echo of the issues that Sam and Dean had at the beginning of navigating the sea of grey that is hunting.

    I liked Tony and the actor did a fine job of relating the issues Tony had with feeling abandoned and alone in the world. AND the moment with Latha was cute when he asks if he can write to her! HA.

    I liked to find out that Mary’s deepest trauma was that her parents told her the truth at five years old and she feels like it stole her future.

    I found it interesting how Mary’s issues with her parents being TOO truthful and Tony’s issues with Ada not being truthful enough both result in the same – resentment over the parents and the seeking of their own paths.

    I liked John stepping up and helping Mary to face her dreaded memories without it feeling romantic (yet).

    I also liked finding out that Millie gave Henry a bike! Somehow that is really cool to me. And that John and Mary both know their way around an engine was also a nice touch! I wish my parents every had or would have taught me practical knowledge like that…lol…instead I got music education and TONS of history and lore and legends. HEHE. I just didn’t get the scene where John tells Mary she can have the bike when they are done fixing it so she can get a fresh start….she already HAS a car….HE needs a ride at the moment! And Mary accepts it as if it’s NO bid deal?

    A few really ODD moments for me were that we find out the club house has a medical lab or autopsy room or whatever without anyone really mentioning it or talking about it!!

    And Latha saying “Mary’s bonds are ok for now but they won’t hold forever” was totally idiotic!! So….TIGHTEN THEM….duh!

    But overall, I enjoyed this one a lot!