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    • journalbookbinder
        November 15, 2022 at 6:02 pm #27846

        I feel like this show lost some (minimal) momentum by not airing a new episode last week. I want to see these characters every week so I can try to get invested in them. Well, we DO get a new one tonight! I don’t remember what the trailed showed us two weeks ago, so let’s talk about it!

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      • PigNaPoke
          November 15, 2022 at 6:02 pm #27875

          I really liked this case and the deeper look into Mary’s past and Ada’s past.

          I just don’t like the easy way that solutions always present themselves to the gang! THAT fact alone takes me out of their struggle as hunters. I want a montage of them looking for information for a few days and gathering clues, running into dead ends, having to pivot and try again! Even Sam and Dean had to do that and THEY had technology on their side. I don’t want Latha or Ada to always know everything. It’s too easy.

          OK, and I DON’T like the bug monsters!! They are kinda stupid and alien and not scary! But at least we now know that these are NOT the actual AKRIDA, but only foot soldiers, and “the Akrida” seems to be the local DJ Roxanne? Looked like her rings on the lady’s fingers who collected the essence of the Tree Witch monster from the cemetery in epsiode 2?!

          I DID like a lot that here we meet a gin (or two, if you count Ali’s attempt) who actually want to use their abilities to HELP people !! That was refreshing and new and totally within the realm of possibility with what we knew of gin before.

          Ada’s pain of having failed her son was also well done and relatable and a echo of the issues that Sam and Dean had at the beginning of navigating the sea of grey that is hunting.

          I liked Tony and the actor did a fine job of relating the issues Tony had with feeling abandoned and alone in the world. AND the moment with Latha was cute when he asks if he can write to her! HA.

          I liked to find out that Mary’s deepest trauma was that her parents told her the truth at five years old and she feels like it stole her future.

          I found it interesting how Mary’s issues with her parents being TOO truthful and Tony’s issues with Ada not being truthful enough both result in the same – resentment over the parents and the seeking of their own paths.

          I liked John stepping up and helping Mary to face her dreaded memories without it feeling romantic (yet).

          I also liked finding out that Millie gave Henry a bike! Somehow that is really cool to me. And that John and Mary both know their way around an engine was also a nice touch! I wish my parents every had or would have taught me practical knowledge like that…lol…instead I got music education and TONS of history and lore and legends. HEHE. I just didn’t get the scene where John tells Mary she can have the bike when they are done fixing it so she can get a fresh start….she already HAS a car….HE needs a ride at the moment! And Mary accepts it as if it’s NO bid deal?

          A few really ODD moments for me were that we find out the club house has a medical lab or autopsy room or whatever without anyone really mentioning it or talking about it!!

          And Latha saying “Mary’s bonds are ok for now but they won’t hold forever” was totally idiotic!! So….TIGHTEN THEM….duh!

          But overall, I enjoyed this one a lot!

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          • kate38
              November 15, 2022 at 6:02 pm #29894

              “I found it interesting how Mary’s issues with her parents being TOO truthful and Tony’s issues with Ada not being truthful enough both result in the same – resentment over the parents and the seeking of their own paths.”

              Good catch, PNP! That’s an interesting parallel.

              And I, too, chuckled about Mary’s “bonds” – LOL!! All they did was tie her arms to the chair. Her legs were completely free, so she could’ve simply stood up and walked away any time she felt like it! I guess the props people were taking it easy on her 🙂



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          • journalbookbinder
              November 15, 2022 at 6:02 pm #27928

              More later. But I watch this show and I feel NOTHING. I don’t want that! But I feel it has zero relationship to the Supernatural I love. I don’t care about the characters. I feel Mary’s acting is weak. I feel I’m watching a high school production that is not scary and not compelling. I hope I have more coherent or constructive thoughts tomorrow, but this show feels nothing like Supernatural. It’s…dare I say…tonight I feel this show is bad. I hope I have better things to say tomorrow.

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            • Stedan
                November 15, 2022 at 6:02 pm #28383


                I was just wondering, it seems like my account is gone. I haven’t deleted, did you kick me out, lol? I’m going to comment without for now. Maybe someone can let me know, what happened to my account and if I should register again.

                About the episode. Unfortunately I don’t have a lot (positive) to say. I really couldn’t get into the episode.
                I liked the Ada part with her son, but otherwise I just felt the episode was boring. Maybe that is because the episode did again more focus on the John and Mary love story. I don`t get how that should be interesting. There is no arc of supense as we know that they will become and stay together.

                I’m also not really impressed by the way Mary is portrayed, the acting skills of Meg Donelly are not really convincing. She might me a nice girl and great in Disney children movies, but her portrayal of Mary just doesn’t work for me.

                I also felt the special effects weren`t that great in this episode.

                So unfortunately nothing has changed. I still want to like the show, but I`m not convinced. I hope that they will soon include some characters from the original spn and that will make the show a bit more interesting.

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                • kate38
                    November 15, 2022 at 6:02 pm #28840

                    Hi, Stedan!

                    Boy, I agree with pretty much EVERYTHING you said! This was my least favorite episode so far. It just didn’t gel for me, and I agree with you about Meg Donnelly. It feels like she’s phoning it in, and that’s a bad sign of things to come. I like John and Millie, and Ada is growing on me, but the rest of the characters just are not keeping my interest.




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                  • journalbookbinder
                      November 15, 2022 at 6:02 pm #28845

                      Hi Stedan! We most definitely DID NOT kick you out!  Another member had this problem and I am having my computer wizard look into it.  The other member had to re-register, but I don’t want people to have to re-register if they’ve already registered like you have.  I will let you know what we find, but THANK YOU for commenting in spite of the problem!

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                    • admin
                        November 15, 2022 at 6:02 pm #29119

                        Hello Stedan!  Don’t worry, you were not kicked out.   I just sent an email with a reset password.  Let me know if you didn’t get it.  You should be able to reset your password on the account (if you don’t like the one assigned) and then login.

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                    • kate38
                        November 15, 2022 at 6:02 pm #28848

                        I desperately want to find something positive to say about this episode, but I have to do some yoga stretches first…sigh

                        What I liked:

                        I still love the chemistry between John and Millie. Millie is so sincere and credible as John’s mother. Their conversations were the highlight of this episode for me.

                        I like Ada’s son. Good actor, interesting character with a lot of potential.

                        I don’t mind the slow build toward finding information about the Akrida, but I hope things start to move along pretty soon. I also want to see Samuel and Deanna before I reach retirement age. Ugh!

                        Okay, what I didn’t like:

                        How could they mess up djinn lore that much!!!??? I get that a djinn ended up NOT being the monster they were after, but the description they gave of how djinn operate was totally off! Nothing about feeding on your body fluids while your actual body wastes away? Even if we go with the revised djinn lore from seasons 6 and 8, it was still wrong. And not for nothing, but what exactly were they expecting to DO when they got to the abandoned factory if they’d actually found a djinn?? They had no weapons, and nobody mentioned knowing how to kill one.

                        The Scooby-gang vibe is getting annoying. I hate that they actually drive a Mystery Machine psychedelic van, and that ALL FIVE OF THEM went to interview the campaign manager. It would’ve made more sense to only send two of them. It feels like the cast is too large, so the writers don’t know what to do with everybody. (Can you see my eyes rolling?)

                        Is it me, or was the gang kind of callous when they found out about Ada’s son? It felt like. “Sorry I kept it a secret, but I have a son and he’s half djinn.” “Well, sorry right back, but we’re gonna hunt your son down and kill him. Let’s start rooting through his personal stuff so we can find him. Hey, Ada — are you coming with, or what?” WHAT?!??! Where’s the empathy? Ada actually had to ASK if she could have a moment with her son before her buddies hunted him down. Really?! Side note – I like the actress who plays Ada and think she did a great job in that scene.

                        I’m having difficulty liking and connecting with most of these characters. Many of them feel like “filler”. And the actress who plays Mary is not doing if for me. Aside from her eyebrows bordering on being a unibrow, she just doesn’t seem to believe her own performance. John, Millie and Ada are turning into the only characters I like. That’s pretty sad.

                        Bullet counter moment: that “x-ray” that supposedly showed the brain trauma was actually a brain scan (probably an MRI –I don’t think that technology was around in the 1970s, was it?). An x-ray can’t look past a skull fracture or surface injury. It definitely can’t show you the actual brain. Were the show’s technical consultants on vacation when this episode was being filmed?

                        I love that John was so willing to help Mary through her nightmares. But I couldn’t help getting that “Death’s Door” vibe, when Rufus helped Bobby find his worst memory. I was hoping for more originality from this show.

                        Finally, at the very end, when John said he’d give Mary the motor cycle, did anyone else think she should’ve been more…grateful? Or at least more hesitant to accept such a grand gesture? This motorcycle is one of the few things John has to remind him of his father, and he’s willing to GIVE IT TO YOU! Where’s the recognition of John’s generosity and sacrifice? That just makes Mary look more shallow and not well thought-out as a character.

                        I’m not sure if it’s just the writing or a combination of things, but if this is the best they can do, this show is in real trouble.


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                      • journalbookbinder
                          November 15, 2022 at 6:02 pm #28850

                          Stedan, I really agree with all you said about this one.  I have tried to take a few days to think about it and find positive things to say because I REALLY want to love this show…and Jensen was live-tweeting (is that a first for him?) when it aired and was praising Meg up and down for the intense acting during the scenes where she was inside her own mind and…I just wasn’t feeling it.  At all.  It felt to me like she was presenting a stage play. The weird set design was part of that scene; I know it had to feel separate from reality, but it felt like a stage play. I just…didn’t feel this as her deep dark childhood trauma.  I am not feeling her acting and am starting to also worry about her ability. Drake, on the other hand, is still delighting me as John.  He had so many expressions that reminded me of Sam that I was loving watching him in this episode.

                          But the story. Blah. Again, not feeling that dark trauma or hardship for Mary.  Not understanding John being all gung-ho killer when it came to Ada’s son.  Was he supposed to be acting like everything was black or white like early-season Dean?

                          I cannot believe that I feel that something where Robbie Thompson is involved (though not the sole writer) is BORING. I am getting very frustrated with how easy it is to find all the answers through Lata (in an age where it should be HARDER to find information). I want a more involved role for Carlos.  I think Ada is a fine actor and interesting character but the “big reveal” of a half-monster son is far too soon. We don’t know her well.  We are not that invested in her yet so the big reveal was a bit of a yawn.

                          Lata is so “one-note”. Always cheerful and always able to answer all questions.

                          I do not like that Mary calls the Men of Letters outpost “the clubhouse”. Makes it WAY too juvenile and “Scooby-gang” for me!

                          I hate the monsters.  And not in a good way. In a “they’re dumb and look like a video game” way. At least the “space crickets” (best description I heard from someone else on Twitter) are not THE monsters, but kind of like hellhounds for the DJ monster lady (also dumb) where they are apparently trying to inject humans to do their bidding or die fighting it internally?  Something like that?  It’s just TOO WEIRD.  Somehow, all SPN monsters were much more of a scary threat. It feels WRONG for SPN because they never or rarely (it was stupid when SPN ventured that way near the end with prehistoric jurassic land AU) use other-dimension or alien monsters. It feels so wrong here.

                          I like Millie.  I like John.  I liked John working on the motorcycle but PigNaPoke is 100% right that it made NO SENSE to offer to give it to Mary so she can take off on her own!  NO SENSE.

                          I am not sure what this show IS at this point.  Dean’s narration at the start is also weird to me. It’s like he’s reading a child a story.  It sounds like he’s a bit patronizing to the audience and I don’t see Dean that way at all!

                          I’m not giving up. Not at all.  But I really did not find much good in this one.


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                          • Stedan
                              November 15, 2022 at 6:02 pm #29127

                              And I`m back (as me). I had the same feeling about Drake, he really reminds me a lot of Sam, which I like.

                              I have been thinking a bit about Robbie Thompson and must say I really am taken aback about the writing in the Winchesters. I am really wondering about it, Robbie was one of my favorite writers on Supernatural and I can’t imagine that he should have lost his writing skills. The only thing I could think of, that it is maybe a difference (and easier) to write great episodes and develop great characters. I mean he did develop great characters for the Winchesters. I think Millie, Ada, Carlos are all great and interesting characters. But maybe it is harder to be a showrunner, to built an overall interesting story arc. I just don’t get it.

                              But I stilll hope for the twist that will knock our socks of. Unfortunatelly there might not be lot of time left. I really hope the show picks up pace after the hiatus.

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                            • kate38
                                November 15, 2022 at 6:02 pm #29897

                                You make some excellent points, JBB.

                                Lata is very “one-note”. That’s a great way to put it. It’s annoying that she always has the answer. I might be able to tolerate that better if we saw her actually work to get any of those answers. We saw Bobby drinking coffee and whiskey into the late hours, and even pulling all-nighters to come up with a monster identification or a weapon or whatever. Lata seems to just “find” the right book and suddenly she’s reading x-rays and giving the gang an answer.

                                Carlos is pretty one-note, too. He’s comic relief and not much more. Can he even fight? I was a little encouraged by his story in the PTSD episode. I was curious if he and John might start bonding over their mutual war experience. But nothing grew from that. Instead, the writers are trying to show us awkward chemistry between John and Mary. But that isn’t working for me, because Meg seems disconnected from her performance.

                                At one point, the entire cast was in their “club house” (Yes, that annoys me, too), and they were all “talking” to one another, but it felt like they were just reciting lines and not engaging with each other. I don’t know – maybe the cast needs more time to gel, but I’m just not feeling “it” at this point.


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                            • Stedan
                                November 15, 2022 at 6:02 pm #29130

                                I have just noticed that my account name is not the same anymore. That’s my “real name”. Doesn’t really matter, I`m not  incognito, lol. I just want to let you know.

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                                • admin
                                    November 15, 2022 at 6:02 pm #29131

                                    I just noticed that too!  Very weird since it should only be displaying user names.  I’m looking into that now.

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                                  • admin
                                      November 15, 2022 at 6:02 pm #29151

                                      You’ve been a fun little test case of all the things that could go wrong with the user id! 🙂 Sorry about all that.  Your profile is fully restored, including the fact that only show your user name will show.  Your posting history is back to normal too.

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