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    October 8, 2020 at 9:07 pm #2824

    Hi, Guys 🙂

    This one was kinda “meh” for me. I didn’t have high hopes going in, but there it is.

    I liked that there were so many light moments, but it started to drag for me a bit. I looked up at 30 minutes in and found myself wishing it was closer to being over. Dean was too silly too many times. I felt (again) beaten over the head by the Sam-Eileen thing, and I knew the “good times” were too good to be true. As they’ve done so many times before, the writers came up with some funny ideas, but they just dragged out for a little too long.

    Jack fans, don’t read this next part:

    I am SO sick to death of Jack!!! Pouting in your room? Seriously? Boo-hoo. And Sam is right, I think Jack is hiding something. I think he knows all of Billie’s plan, and it involves doing evil things that Dean, Sam and Cas will try to stop him from doing, which is why he’s not telling them about it. He’s lied to them before, and he’s probably doing it again. Dean seems to not trust him completely, and I’m sure he’s right again. By the way, Jack is NOT allowed to use Dean’s line. NOBODY else gets to say “Sonofa**tch”. Ugh!

    I like Mrs. Doubtfire wood nymph! She’s fun. And she bakes. And she knew Jack is “off” (and possibly evil). I knew she was too good to be true, though. I wonder if the “trials” Billie is making Jack perform are changing him and making him more evil, like the tablet trials changed Sam while they were slowly killing him.

    Anyway, I was hoping these last seven episodes would be stronger, but so far this one gets a solid C- from me.


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